Fox Fella [Shifters #6]

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Chapter 4: The Field

Silas Agnes’ POV

Well, last night did not go well. I was supposed to be having sex with someone gorgeous with her orange hair and her brown-orange eyes. But she had to bail since she has some work to do. I sighed as I was looking at the breakfast right now.

I was alone before my mother was coming into the room. My father came a few minutes later as he was yawning. I think they’re getting laid together last night.

Lucky them.

I was looking at the food before my father spoke to me. I was scrapping my food and playing with them before he cleared his throat and I was looking at my father.

“I think I have something for you before your classes started in September,” my father said that made be dabbed my mouth and I looked at him.

“What is it?” I asked him before he was sipping on his orange juice. I was sipping on the juice as well before my father was putting his glass down.

“I had a situation at this company that I was handling. I think they have some malfunction in the field where they were having some excavation for the gemstones. It was handled by the Alepou’s Trade Inc. So, I thought you might be interested to look at that,” he said as I was thinking about it.

“Hmm, does it pay off?” I asked him as my father laughed.

“Son, you’re an heir to our company and all you think is to make more money?” He asked me before my mother shook her head.

“I guess we all know where that trait came from,” my mother added as my father was holding her hand. They were so in love and an image of that orange woman was coming to my mind right now.

Wait, what?

I cleared my throat as I was looking at my father. I think I have my answer then. I don’t want to sit around in the mansion as I don’t have anything to do. Might as well go out to find out what was happening with the field while I was free.

“Sure, I can look at it if you have all the information that I need to be looking at,” I said as I was smiling at my father. His face beamed before he snapped his fingers and staff was giving me a file.

“Here it is. I hope you will make an appearance today at 10 AM. Don’t be late. Ms. Alepou hates it when her employee is late on their first day,” my father warned me before I was amused by this development.

“Wait, my boss is a woman?”

“Yeah, you got any problem with that?” My father asked as I was shaking my head. I should have known better to voice that out. My mother was the CEO of the company and my father was her trusted advisor. I think I have some respect for the women that were in charge.

“No, no, I was just surprised that’s all. Besides mum, I never had heard any woman that was in power here,″ I said before I was standing up from the chair. I think I might leave before my parents were being lovey-dove in front of me right now.

“Okay, I’ll get going then. This might be far and it will take some time to get there,” I said as I was making my way out of the dining hall. I sighed a relief when the butler was giving me the coat and my car keys before I went out of the house.

I guess I will be out all day then.

Dana Alepou’s POV

“I thought our geologist will be here now,” I said as I was looking around the field. I was calling my brother who was at the office before he sighed.

“I told Simon to get him as soon as he could. I thought he was already there?” He asked me as I was looking at my watch. It was 10:30 AM now. We were supposed to meet at 10 AM.

“Well, I guess that old man was not competent as he should be,” I said before I saw the unrecognized vehicle on the site. My guard was asking some questions before the driver was giving him pass for the site.

Maybe it was the geologist.

“I think he’s here. I will call you later then, bye,” I said as I hung up before my brother can say anything. It was hot and I was sweating. I have been waiting for this man to show up and only 30 minutes later he’s finally here.

I might have a word with him later.

I waved at the guard before he nodded at the driver. The hand disappeared before the car was being parked next to my car. I went to the new car before someone was opening the door and the foot was out.

Well-tone thighs.

That lean, muscular body.

The brown hair.

I gulped as I was looking at the man that was standing in front of me right now. No, it can’t be! Why was Fate was too cruel for me right now?

And why was my mate aka handsome stranger last night was standing here in the field site?!

I was looking at his face before he was shocked to see me here. He did recognize me as I was looking at him. He smiled before he was extending his hand.

“Are you the one that was in charge?” He asked. I arched my eyebrow.

“And you’re the geologist that my lawyer asked for?” I said as I was shaking his hand. The warm, fuzzy feeling was coming back from last night. I hope my face was not burning.

“Silas Agnes, nice to meet you,”

“Dana Alepou, likewise,” I said before I can see that his smile widened.

“Dana, such a lovely name,” he stated before I was rolling my eyes as I was taking my hand back. He gripped it a bit before he was releasing it.

“Shall we get down to business then?” I asked him before he was raking my body. Damn him and his sexual innuendos!

“Which one? The last night where you have to bail or the ones that I was designated to look at right now?” He asked as I was closing my eyes.

“Look, Mr. Agnes—”

“Silas, Mr. Agnes is my father. So you can call me Silas,” he insisted as I sighed. I was pinching my nose bridge before I was looking at him.

“Can we settle this malfunction first before you are making your advances at me?”

“Why? Do you like it?” He asked before I felt blush on my cheeks. He smirked even more.

“Of course. Let’s get this done, shall we? But I have something else in my mind for my payment,″ he said as I was arching my eyebrow at him.

“I thought the money was enough for your service?” I asked before Silas was waving his hand dismissively.

“Money can be earned. However, a night with you was a chance in a lifetime. So, to compensate for last night and my payment for helping you today, I want you to have dinner with me,” he said as I was looking at him. Was he serious?

“And why would I agree?” I asked him before he smiled.

“Because if you don’t, I will not help you to solve this malfunction and you will be losing more money than making it,” he stated before I was cursing under my breath. I sighed.

“Fine, tonight, one dinner so get your ass in the field now,” I said before Silas was laughing at me.

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