Fox Fella [Shifters #6]

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Chapter 5: The Restaurant

Dana Alepou’s POV

I was looking around when I don’t see anyone outside my apartment. Of course, after the field was functioning, as usual, Silas has the gut to call out for me and I have to give him my information and all that. I don’t think that I would be easy but it was so hard not to give in to the guy.

He has that power over me.

I sighed before I was checking my appearance again. I don’t think a short dress would be a problem since Silas has already seen me at my naked state. Then, I blushed when I remembered what was about to happen last night. Then, a knock was on my door.

“Coming!” I said as I was patting my hair to be okay before I was opening the door. I was supposed to be stoic but the sight of Silas right now was leaving me speechless. I was looking at him that was in a tux and I think he was born in one.

“Ready for our dinner, Dana?” Silas asked me as he was smirking at me. I blinked a few times before I was nodding at him, unable to make any sound. I never thought that I will be seeing Silas in a suit before this. But I guessed tonight was something special for us.

“Thank you,” I said as I was getting inside his car. Even his car was different from the one that he brought this morning. I was riding his black Lamborghini right now. Holy crap! Was he a billionaire?

Maybe he made enough money to get this stuff.

Silas went to the driver’s seat and we were on the road to the restaurant that he wanted me to dine. It was something that I don’t expect. It was Riganato.

“I don’t think you would bring me here,” I said as I was getting out of the car when Silas was offering his hand and I took it. I was standing next to him as Silas was chuckling at me. I turned to look at him as he was smiling down on me.

“Why? Was it not to your liking?” He asked as I was shaking my head.

“No, it was quite the opposite. I have been wanting to come here but no one will be here with me,″ I said as I was looking at Silas. He furrowed his eyebrows at me.

“Why not?”

“Well, it was because of the price of the food. It was not for everyone and apparently, it was for you.” I said as I was walking to the door with Silas’ hand on my lower back. I felt the heat through the dress but I was keeping it cool.

Even my heart was beating like crazy.

“So, I hope this will not be too much for you,” I said as I was walking through the door as Silas was smiling at me before he ushered me to the front desk.

“Table for two?” The hostess asked as she was checking Silas out. I have no doubt that she found him to be as attractive as hell. And I think I was getting angry at that notion. Only I can say that Silas Agnes was a sexy man on earth.

Wait, what was happening right now?! Why I am getting jealous?!

I smiled before the hostess was showing the table for our food for tonight. She smiled before she was giving us the menu and she ‘accidentally’ brushed her hand on Silas. He smiled as if he was being oblivious to the touch right now.

I think I might devour someone tonight.

“So, what are you getting?” Silas asked me as I was being broken from my reverie of doing something dangerous to the hostess. I turned my eyes to Silas as he was smiling at me. I blinked at him before he chuckled.

“What are you getting, Dana? I don’t want the waiter to wait for us,” Silas said as he was nodding at the waiter. I turned before I mumbled an apology as I was looking at the menu. I don’t know what I should get but I saw moussaka and I think I will get that.

“I will have moussaka with the white wine and soup on the side,” I said as I was closing the menu before Silas was giving out his order as well. Silas was getting dolmades and some taramasalata on the side with the red wine. I guessed we have different tastes in wine choice.

“No, I think the red wine will complement the dolmades very well. But I think everyone else will not think the same as me,” he said as I was arching my eyebrow at him.

“Why not?” I asked before Silas was smiling at me. He chuckled before he settled his hand under his chin.

“Well, it’s an acquired taste and I don’t think everyone has the same taste like me,” he said as I was nodding before we were sipping on our wine. He smirked over the rim of his wine glass before the food was in front of us. I was smiling at the waiter before I thanked him.

“Bon Appetite,” he said as we were indulging in our food. The usage of forks and knives were not heard as I was raised in the house that maintained the etiquettes of the table and Silas, well, he was good as well.

“So, tell me about yourself, Dana Alepou,” Silas asked me as he was putting food into his mouth. I put my utensils down before I was dabbing my mouth. I sipped on the wine before I was answering his question.

“What do you want to know?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. Anything. I know that I have seen you naked but I don’t think I know you deeply enough then just the skin,” he said as I was blushing. I was hoping that he would not bring that up. But it was too late.

“Umm, I was the sister of the current CEO of Alepou Trade Inc. My brother took over last week after the inheritance of his shares was completed. I don’t think you’ve met him but you will if you continue to work with us for the field maintenance,” I said as I was smiling at him. Silas smirked.

“Is that an employment, Ms. Alepou?” He asked me as I was stammering on my next words.

“Well…I supposed it was…but I have to discuss with my brother first and see if he approved,” I said as I was sipping on the wine. Silas chuckled before he was sipping his wine.

“I like you better last night. You just go get what you want. That’s the kind of woman that intrigued me,” Silas said as he was signaling for the check. The hostess was coming to his side and she was touching his hand again. I saw red.

Red Alert!

I took a deep breath as I know that my fox was trying to get out and maybe attack this woman. But I don’t think I wanted Silas to know my darkest secret. I was the last one that can breed for my kind, well except for my brother, but I was the main female.

And I will not let that bitch touch what was mine.

I was glaring at the hostess but she just smirked smugly at me that I was gripping the chair and it broke. Well, I think I have to compensate for the chair if I can. Silas paid for our meals before he offered his hand and I was looking at him. I smiled before I took his hand and he was putting his hand on my lower back before I was glancing over my shoulder.

The hostess was mad and furious that she thinks she had a shot with Silas but I was on a date with him and I was in his arms.

Tough luck, bitch.

I was smiling at Silas as he opened the door of the restaurant and we were out in the chilly night. I was shivering before Silas was offering his coat.

“Here, this will warm you up,” he said as I was smiling at him.

“Thank you,” I said as I was smiling at him. He kissed my forehead before he was opening the door for me to get inside before he closed it. I was touching the place that he kissed me before he was inside the car and sped off from the restaurant parking lot.

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