Fox Fella [Shifters #6]

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Chapter 6: The Ring

Dana Alepou’s POV

I was smiling like an idiot as Silas was driving me home. This dinner has been pleasant and nothing was being taken advantage of. I mean, I would give Silas the green light even if he did not ask me to.

Because I wanted him to but he was being a complete gentleman.

I sighed inwardly as my fox was purring at him before he parked his car in front of my apartment. Silas turned off the engine before we were inside the car with silence. Okay, should I go out and just say goodbye to him right now?

Or should I say something first?

“I—” we started simultaneously before Silas chuckled and I was smiling at him.

“Ladies first,” he said as Silas was giving me the first go on the line.

“Well, it has been a wonderful night and dinner. I don’t think that I would be happy and thank you for making my dream to eat at Riganato as a real dream,” I said as I was looking at Silas. His hazel eyes were trained on my face before he smiled at me.

“And thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to know the real you,” he said as he was putting his hand on my knee. I was getting warmer inside me as the butterflies in my stomach were having a major flying right now.

“I was just being reasonable since you were helping us with the malfunction and stuff,” I said as I was tucking my hair behind my ear before Silas was gripping my chin. I turned to look at him before he was leaning closer to me.

“Silas,” I whispered his name as his lips on top of my mouth right now.

“I have been wanting to do this when I saw you tonight in that dress,” he whispered before his lips were on me. And oh my, what a feeling it was.

His lips were warm and soft like I remembered but of course, I don’t think that I would be happy to let him kiss me just like this. I have to respond to his kiss and so I did.

He groaned when I was opening my lips and licked his lower lips before he was opening his mouth and he plunging his tongue inside my mouth. I moaned before I was gripping his shoulders and pulled him closer to me.

“Dana, I want you,” he whispered as he was kissing my neck and jaws. I was sighing as his mouth was everywhere and I loved it. I loved every second of it before I was smiling at him.

“But we can’t,” I said. He stopped assaulting me before his hazel eyes were staring at me.

“Why the hell not?”

“Because we’re employer and employee. And I don’t think my brother will approve me to have a relationship with a man if he has no intention to—”

“Then marry me,” Silas said before I was blinking at him. Was he serious as he was gripping my hands and he was staring at me?

“I know that you were thinking that I was playing with you, Dana, but I have this feeling in my chest that I cannot let you be seen with any other man except for me. So, what will you say, Dana? Will you be willing to take me, a humble person, as your husband?” He asked me as he was holding my hands.

“Well, you’re not actually humble—”

“All of this that you were seeing right now, it was not mine, it was parents’ and I know I will worth nothing to you if you were to marry me. But I will try to be the best version of myself for you, Dana, my love,” he said as he was looking into my eyes.

My fox was purring as she can sense that Silas was not lying when he was proposed to me.

“I think you say this because of last night when I did not spend the night with you,” I whispered before Silas was kissing my knuckles. I was looking into his eyes before he was smiling at me.

“I know you think that I will not be good enough but I will try. You are the only one for me, Dana Alepou. Will you marry me and give me the honor of being your husband?” He asked me as he was drawing the red box from his dashboard.

I looked at it and it was an orange engagement ring that was made by Amber. I think it was from our family store.

“Is that—”

“Alepou’s? Yes, I bought it on a whim as I was passing through. I was looking around and when I saw this, I know that I have to buy it and give it to you but with intention of making you as my wife,” Silas said as I felt my eyes were breaming with tears. I was chuckling silently before I was looking at it.

“It’s beautiful,”

“Like its wearer. So, what is your answer?” Silas asked me as my fox was snarling at me for playing with our mate.

‘Say yes,’

‘Just take it,’

‘I know you want it,’ my fox said as I was pushing the thoughts away.

But I know what she said was true. I do want Silas for life and it was not because of the mating bond. I think it was more than that as Silas was smiling at me. I was handing out my left hand to him as Silas was laughing at me.

“Was that a yes then?”

“Just do it already and kiss me,” I said before Silas laughed out loud as he slipped the ring onto my finger. I was looking at it before Silas was gripping my chin and brought my face closer to him.

“Now, you’re mine,” he said huskily as his lust was visible in his eyes.

“Forever?” I asked him. He smirked.

“I like that. Forever, you’re mine,” he said before he was kissing me. I snaked my hands around his neck as I was pulling him closer and I was smiling in the kiss that we shared. It was sweet and tender at first before Silas was moaning in the kiss.

“Shit, you always get better and better the last time I kiss you,”

“Was that a bad thing?” I asked him before Silas was laughing at me before he was caressing my cheeks.

“No, my love. It was just…too hard for me to control when we were alone. But I will not take you until we sign the marriage certificate. And I have to introduce to my parents as well,” he said as I was smiling at him.

“You’re a gentleman, did you know that?” I said as he was arching his eyebrows as if he did not believe me. I laughed at his expression.

“It’s true. No one was as a gentleman like you,” I said as I was pulling him closer when our hot breath mingled.

“I don’t think I can control myself if you keep doing this,” he said huskily as he was caressing my knees with his hands. It sent shivers to my body in a good way.

I think I wanted to be naked with him again, just like last night but completely finishing all the stuff that we planned to do.

“Silas, make love to me,” I pleaded before Silas was smiling and perked my lips before he was straightening himself.

“No, I promised myself that I will take you after marriage and I will do that. So, tomorrow, I will introduce you to my parents in the morning and if we have their blessings, we marry the next day,” he said before I was nodding at him. The sooner the better and I just hoped that his parents agreed.

But what I did not put two and two together was that his parents were someone that I already knew.

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