Fox Fella [Shifters #6]

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Chapter 9: The Facticity

Silas Agnes’ POV

“What is the meaning of this father? Why are you against our marriage?” I asked my father as I was pacing back and forth as I was looking at him. We were in the living room and my mother was listening to everything that I have to say to him.


“Don’t you start father. I know that you are against this marriage when I saw Dana was stiffed. I can tell that she was distressed. Was it because she was not loaded like we are?” I asked him before he sighed. I turned to look at my mother as she shook her head.

“Do you have anything to say to this mother?” I asked her before she sighed. She stood up and she went to me to put her hands on my shoulders.

“Look, son. I think you don’t know the real story why your father was against this marriage to Dana Alepou,” she said before I was scoffing.

“Then help me to understand the situation right now,” I said before my father spoke.

“She was the sister to the current CEO of Alepou Trade Inc. and the next heir if her brother wanted to step down,” my father said as I was looking at him. I arched my eyebrows.

“Do you mean to tell me—”

“Yes, she was an heiress but that’s not the reason why I resist this marriage,” my father said before he stood up and leaned against the mantle of the fireplace. I was waiting for him to go on before my mother was getting out of the room.

“Don’t be so harsh on him, darling. He barely pays any attention to what was going on on this island.” My mother said to my father before he nodded. Paying what attention? What are these guys even talking about?!

“So, are you going to tell me or not?” I asked my father before I was looking at him. My father sighed as he was turning to look at me.

“Do you know the legend of the werewolves in Paphos that have settled here when Alexander the Great has instructed that they were being killed?” He asked me as I was nodding. I mean who doesn’t? That was like Fact 101 of Cyprus.

“Then you must think that the shifters were not only werewolves. Most of them have been hiding under our noses when they were forced to go into hiding,” my father said as I was waiting for him to tell me.

“Can you get to the point, please?” I asked him before he was looking at me, folding his hands behind him.

“The Alepou was one of them. They were one the ancestral shifters that settled in here,” my father said as I was blinking my eyes when I was listening to him. Alepou? Does he mean Dana and her brother? Alepou Trade Inc.?

“So, you’re saying that—”

“Yes, she was one of them. Dana Alepou was the last female fox shifter on the island. Her father had told me to take care of her and make sure that she will get married to someone that was her mate. And I know for a fact that you’re not him,” my father said as I was looking at him.

Red, that’s all I was seeing now.

“Wait, do you think I am not the one for her? Why? I could have a perfect chance to be her mate,” I said as I was not having this conversation with my father. Dana was mine and I know that I was hers. My father sighed as he was patting my shoulder.

“Because we’re their servants. Shifters were considered as gods and we have been serving forever for the Alepou. It’s time for you to learn your place with them. I don’t want you to break that loop,” my father said before I was shoving his hand away. Servant? No, I will not accept that. I will only be her husband, like it or not.

“No, I have proposed to her and I will be marrying her whether you like it or not,” I said as I was leaving the room. My father was calling after me as I was leaving and went to the front door. My mother was waiting there.

“So, I see that you are not willing to give up,” she said as I was grunting at her.

“If you wanted to tell me that I was not suitable—”

“Oh, quite the opposite, dear. I think you’re the perfect husband for that girl,” my mother said as she was patting my hands before she kissed my cheeks. I was stunned as my mother was having a different response from my father. Now I know someone was on my side.

“Go get her. You don’t have much time. She’s in danger,” my mother whispered before she told me to go to the forest and followed exactly the path that she told me.

“Your destiny awaits, my son,” my mother said before she was hugging me. I hugged her back before she was caressing my cheeks.

“Your father was afraid of your destiny but you are the only one that can save her and fulfill her path,” my mother said as I was nodding at her.

“Thank you, mum,” I said as my mother smiled.

“Go and get your woman, my son,” my mother said as I was running through the forest like my life was being threatened by the dagger on my back.

I was breathing hard when I was following my mother’s instructions. Too many things were inside my head before I saw a group of hunters were laughing and circling a cage that contained something. Then I saw it.

It was a fox and it was afraid.

I felt its heartbeat was beating fast inside its body. It was afraid and I think my blood boiled right now.

“Hey, suckers!” I called after the illegal hunters as I was looking at them. There were 3-4 of them and I don’t think I can take them all at once. Well, good thing I keep my body fit and my lesson on self-defense up to date.

“I think you need to let it go,” I said as I was pointing at the fox. It was looking at me and its orange eyes were shining. I felt something toward him. Dana.

‘Save me, my love,’ it whispered through its eyes before I was snapping at the hunters.

“Shall we dance?” I said as I was attacking them. I don’t think that my body would reflect with ease to counterattack them but I was having it and I was happy that the last of them were on the ground before I went to the fox and released it.

“It’s okay, I’m here. You’re free now,” I said as I was looking at the fox, asking it to reach me. I was smiling at it before I was backing up and the fox was walking out of the cage. It was tilting its head before something was shifting.

I was looking at the fox as the transformation was occurring and I was in awe with it. I saw the orange fur was gone and being replaced by the skin of the human. I was breathing hard before someone that I knew was standing in front of me, naked.

Her orange hair.

Her brown-orange eyes.

Her perfect body.

Dana was smiling at me before I was stepping closer to her and pulled her into an embrace. I was caressing her hair as I was kissing her naked shoulder and I was looking into her face.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt? Should we go to the doctor?” I asked before Dana was shaking her head. Her eyes were brimming with tears before I was smiling at her.

“Thank you,” she whispered as I was furrowing my eyebrows at her.

“For what?”

“For coming to save me. I know you’re the one, I know you’re my mate, Silas Agnes,”

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