Not So Human

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"You are beautiful, more beautiful than you know," he said just before he placed his lips on my scarred skin. Tears flowed from my eyes as I stared back into his own green orbs; a smile grew on my lips and I knew then that I was home. (NOT EDITED) Book 0:01 of the Heartbeats Series

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 0:1 Bloody and Bruised

Alexia's pov

'I think this will work.' I thought to myself while staring down at the poorly sketched outline of my fathers routine. I have been studying his every movement, both day and night for six months now.

I used it to my advantage.

It helped me dodge beatings... the ones that occurred when I ran in to him around the house and I was hoping that it would get me away from him forever.

"Miss Reeter, would you like me to repeat the question?"

"Huh, u-um..." I stammered surprised and everyone laughed, the usual for immature human teenagers. At least they had something in their life to laugh about.

"I'll take that as a yes. How many heterozygous offspring(s) is/are produced in a cross between paree ITV the genotypes RR and rr, respectively?"

"Four." I answered the question.

"That is correct."

"Billy the next question is for yo..." Mrs Reynard was cut off by the ringing bell signaling the end of class.

"Every one please remember your homework." She semi-shouted as they spilled out of the room.

She stopped her sons, Brandon and Jacob, then she said something to them before they glanced over at me and left.

I carefully finished packing my bag, trying not to provoke the painful bruise my father left me on hand last night.

"Alexia, are you ok?" Mrs. Reynard asked me as she came and stood in front of me.

"Yes, I-I'm fine." I quickly said.

"You've not been paying attention in class for weeks now. What has got you so distracted?"

"I-um, I can't, I..."

"Fine you don't have to tell me. You are the school's best student I don't want to see you fail. Okay?"


I silently walked onto the porch of my house, praying that my father was down in the basement.

"How was school today?" He asked as I came through the door. He was sitting down in the sofa facing the wall where a television used to be.

"I-It was was o-okay." I mumbled my voice shaking.

I wiped my clammy palms into my plaid t-shirt and my heart jumped in and out of my body... before it stopped when he spoke, "Hmm. Come here, sit down." I hesitantly placed one foot in front of the other, dark butterflies filling my stomach as I closed the distance between us.

I was seated beside him as far away as was possible, though not for long. He grabbed my left hand and pulled me closer to him. I didn't try to get away because I was more afraid of what he would do, if I did so.

Unaware of the torture that was in store for me, unevenly my heart pounded against my chest— once again— as he made me stand before him, his legs on either side of me.

"You've grown." His eyes situated on my breast as he spoke and I felt disgusting, longing to hide, but my hands were restricted from movement by his own.

Burning, hot tears raced down my cheeks as I realized his intentions. My breathing became heavy as my heart sped up and not even the whiplash of my head and sharp sting of pain that remained on my wet cheek could will me to be still.

He threw me, hard, on the floor, crippling pain reverberated through my back upon impact and black spots threatened to take over my already blurry vision.

He stood over me, a minute later, completely nude and I, unable to move tried to focus on forcing air pass my trachea, through my lungs that contracted painfully.

"Be a good girl for daddy and open wide." His voice scraped my eardrums and he forcefully hoisted my legs in the air after removing my clothing, ripping them in the process.



That was all I felt when I woke and I struggled to breath, my lungs still burned. My entire body ached but only the throbbing between my legs was excruciating, I was bleeding. A lot.

I couldn't scream, I couldn't do anything, only cry. I stopped screaming a long time ago. No one has ever heard me, no one will. So I laid on the living room floor bloody and bruised and I cried.

I wanted to die.

But I cried because I needed to live. I promised my mother that I would live.

If I was going to keep that promise I'd have to leave, tonight.

I left behind a trail of blood when, not without great difficulty, I used my hands to pull myself across the floor to my room; I had no faith in my legs just yet.

I closed the door after which once again pain began stabbing me, all over. I couldn't give up now, I forced myself to move again. This time into my bathroom, I had to stop the bleeding and it was gonna hurt like bitch.

When I woke up it was already nightfall and my vagina was almost completely healed, like all the other times I got severe beatings. I'd wake up and they were gone. Only the scars remained as a reminder. It was Saturday, 11:30 pm, I had slept for almost an entire day.

"Alex, come out here," He snarled from the porch, I wanted to vomit as what he did to me replayed in my mind, "Why didn't you clean up after yourself? You've stained the floors with blood."

I wanted to cry but I didn't, his face grew red with anger when I didn't answer him but before his hand came down to hit me again, I dove under it and ran behind the house into the forest. The only thing holding me back was the slight tingle of pain I felt every now and then. It was dark and I could barely see where I was going.

Probably not the best time to run away.

"You think you can run from me?" He shouted. I ignored him and ran, pushing myself to go faster so much so that I felt my heart beating harshly against my chest. Such a familiar feeling, now for a different reason. I caught a glance over my shoulder he was nowhere to be seen but I would be a fool to stop running.

I nearly reached the border when my foot slipped on a stone as I felt the slight tingle once more, more intense than the last.

"Hmm." I whimpered quietly as pain shot up my ankle. I'm sure it was broken. I scrambled on my but towards a tree that was between the border and the outside. Catching sight of the large, intimidating wolf; my father I got up quietly ensuring that no weight was on my ankle and hopped further behind the tree.

He was slowly making his way towards me.

God... this is not how I imagined I would die.

I always hoped that I would make it out of the house. I dreamt of the day that I would escape.

Yesterday, I thought would be just as normal as any day in my life could get. My father being abusive, he was always like that after mom died. And though I knew he was a monster I never thought that he would be so heartless to take me against my will.

"Come out from behind the tree Alex or would you prefer that I come get you?" His gravely voice hurt my ears, but before I could react he grabbed my broken ankle and pulled me away from the tree.

Tears flowed from my eyes as the throbbing in my ankle increased and the stones and twigs scratched and bruised my exposed skin.

"Let me go, please, I'll come back with you. I promise I won't run ever again. Please!" I pleaded to him.

"Oh, we are begging now, aren't we." He said as he knelt in front of me and ripped open my pants. I then realized that he was naked from shifting and what he was going to do to me. Again.

"Please don't do this. Please I will do anything that yo..." I was silenced by the sharp sting of his hand against my jaw.

"Shut up you little brat!" He screamed immediately after and straddled my waist.

I thrashed and screamed till my throat burned, trying to push him off me. I wasn't afraid of him retaliating any more, I just wanted to leave. My tears got more and more, he maybe would've won in the end but I was not going down without a fight.


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