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Amy had been throw a lot, she needs time to heal and a lot of love. She doesn`t know yet that she is very strong, maybe the strongest person that had ever been in this world. All she needs to unlock her powers is a young lovely man and a day with him. Andrew is the Alpha boy, he is very popular between girls and he gets always what he wants. But what will happen when he puts his eyes on Amy? He can`t let her be but he can`t accept her either. He can`t be mated with a human, it is unacceptable. His destiny is to be the greatest Alpha ever but he can`t do it next to a pathetic human. Read to find their story. I hope you will like it :)

Fantasy / Romance
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Who am I

There was a time when I could tell that I`m happy, but those times are long gone. They are gone together with my mum and my little brother. My name is Amalia or Amy (as my only friend likes to call me) and I`m 17, I live used to live in a beautiful house with a beautiful surrounding but that is gone too. Now I live just with my father at the end of the city, where you can find all the trash people you want. It is very dangerous even for men, but I`m not afraid...I have nothing to live for, so if something happens with me then I have no regret, I have nothing to look back to. My dad used to cherries me and my brother but since they are gone he had changed very much. He is ruthless and very aggressive regarding everybody (that includes me too).

My birthday is in 4 months and I plan to escape from this inferno which I can`t call home. I had panned it for a year now, Jake and I will go to Milth where nobody could ever find us. Milth is a small community near to a huge forest, we go past it one year in high school and some girls got lost and we find them there. There is no internet and no telephones so our track will get lost.

Jake is like my big brother, he is the only one who I can rely on no matter what the circumstances are. He is 20 and he should have been in Colledge by now but he had waited for me, he couldn`t leave me all alone in that infect house with that man.

All I have to do is to wait a little bit longer and then we are free to go. At school, everything is fine because no one dares to attack Jake`s "little sister". Once I got bullied by 3 boys, it was in 5th grade, and after I told it to Jake and He got the crap out of them nobody dared ever to even look bad in my direction. He beat them pretty good, if you look at them very carefully you can tell that they have scars on the face. I was very disappointed with him then, but now I don`t know how to thank him for everything he did and is doing for me. If it wasn`t for him, I don`t think could have resisted so long. He is the big brother I never had, but I`m very thankful that I could meet him and he is there for me. I love him.

-Where are you bitch? It was my drunk father again, I can`t believe he came drunk again, he had just promised me that he will stop.

-I`m in the kitchen, dinner is ready. Do you want a plate? I used a sweet voice praying that it`ll change his mood.

-I don`t want that trash, where is this month payment? I forgot to tell you that he is making me work and pay for everything in the house? All he does is drink, smoke, and yells for money. I`m soo full of it. Just a few more months Amy, you can do it.

-I gave it to you yesterday evening, do you remember?

-Of course, I remember, you want to say that I go insane? The bills are bigger this month so I need more money!

- But I have no more, I gave it all to you.

-You are a pile of rubbish, you are good for nothing!!! He yells and comes closer to me. I was already afraid of what he wants to do to me.

-You should have died that night and everything would have been just perfect, everything happened just because of you!! He tells me these things every time when he is angry, I don`t mind it anymore, it is painfully, but I`m used to it.

-While I was not paying attention he got me by my hair and throw me in the nearest wall, I can see the blue stars already. All this treatment is very common, when he is drunk he always beats me until he gets bored. But this time is different, I can tell that something happened and he is way madder on me. I can fell the punches all over my body, I don`t know if I can bear it any longer. Before a collapse, I see the door opening and 2 cops entering the room. I was safe, they are going to imprison him and I will be free. I faint on the floor but with a small smile on my face, it will be alright from now one, everything will change in my life and I can`t wait for it.

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