The Silent Howl

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Quincy Daniels is an omega with one too many secrets and not to mention his ability to attract danger. Quincy Daniels was 17 years old when a rouge alpha attacked him and his sister after the same wolf killed his parents a year before. The rouge raped and killed Quincy's sister and made the mistake of turning him and making him watch. What did Quincy do you asked, Oh he killed him and took his power. 2 years later Quincy secrets are threatened when rejection and pain engulfed his heart and he holds. The Alpha of all Alphas visit the Lycan Troupe Academy due to a rumor of a certain howl. A silent howl. But what do you expect he was clawed in the neck.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Quincy laid in his bed breathing heavily from the little session he just had with a certain brunette who was currently getting dressed. Quincy didn't like messing around with girls but every now and then he would make an exception and today was that exception just slightly with the wrong by the name of Cristina Dart.

Cristina wasn't a werewolf like Quincy instead she was the assistant and favorite student of werewolf doctor, Mr Holt. She was currently being trained how to help and protect the wolves in the city she would be sent to live when she finish her studies. She was the ex girlfriend of Max Kole, the beta with big anger issues. They were broken up but Max was still in denial so Quincy was highly screwed if he found out not to mention Quincy is an omega though he can defend himself against a beta he would still get a good beaten.

"That was fun," Cristina says as she finish gets dress and glance back at Quincy before getting up and walking out with another word.

Letting out a huge sign Quincy rolled out of his bed and put on his pants as a voice echo's through the room.

"Feeling better now," the voice said.

"No, just worst," he replied to the voice.

He turned to the portrait of his half sister to see her staring worriedly at him. When his she had died she placed a part of he soul inside it was dark magic, but she had explained to him that, that part just simply could not move on.

"Why," she asked confused.

"Well, if her ex boyfriend hears about this he would probably shred me into pieces with his teeth," Quincy answered wearily.

"Anyway I have training to get to, so see you later," Quincy said as he changes into his training gear.

He walks out of his room to see his two roommates lounging in the living area. The Academy only allowed 3 persons to a room that had to be the same gender. The Academy had 3 section : the Omega section, the beta section and the alpha section. The Omega section was the largest section in the Academy, since there was a lot of Omega wolves. The Alpha section mainly contained betas who are in line to become the next alphas. Lycan Troupe Academy was a school that both humans and wolves alike attended. Only a few humans attended the Academy, they are trained to help the wolves. Other supernatural creatures attend the Academy as well but the were on another section of the academy. As you can tell from now the academy is made up of sections 5 to be specific. Quincy only knew about the four main ones though due to them being the only visible ones he could see when he went to train in yard. The yard was a huge grass field which was surrounded by the alpha, beta, omega and the main buildings. The main building was also used for general assembly and important events.

Quincy walked out unto the field and made his way towards his classmates. As he got closer he heard Mr Shaw, the trainer said that they where going one on one.

"Daniel choose a partner and start," Mr Shaw says. If there was one thing Quincy knew about Mr Shaw its that he didn't wait for any even if you were his favorite student, he would also start his classes on time.

The students created a circle around Daniel to give him space to fight and so he could choose. Daniel Forbes was one of the strongest omega, he was favoured by the section leader Mr Chaol. Each section had a leader who answered to the true alpha. The alpha leader was the headmaster of the academy and the beta was Miss Desert, who insisted that everybody called her Thalia.

Quincy stood outside of the circle as Daniel looked around, Quincy groan mentally as he heard Daniel call his name.

"Uhm, I...ah...don't feel comfortable fighting you since your obviously a better fighter than me," Quincy said trying to look like a coward, even though he knew he wasn't. Quincy knew that he could beat Daniel, he just didn't want to shift since it would have given away one of his many secrets.

"Yes, well you've been slacking of on your lazy ass too much," said Daniel.

"If your trying to get me angry, its not working," Quincy replied.

"Well I guess I'm gonna have to tell a certain someone where a certain brunette was last night," Daniel said snarkily with a smirk.

Quincy let a frustrated sigh through his lips he couldn't let Daniel get under his skin but he couldn't let Max know he screwed his ex girlfriend who he is still hung up on. He would bury himself alive before that happens.

Quincy stepped into the small circle, muscle tense and reflex ready.

Slowly dark brown furry hair starts consuming Daniel's face and his ears grows into sharp tips. His once brown eyes morph into a dark blue, his teeths elongate into razor strap teeth. And hawk like talons probe from his fingers.

He growls loudly sending unwanted shivers down everyone's back.

"That is definitely a beta growl," Quincy says nervously. 'I am so gonna get my asskicked and badly bruise cause I'm going to win this' Quincy thought to himself.

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