MIllenium Wars

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for centuries the world had been divided into two faction, with each side wanting to take the world's throne and title of world emperor for themselves Wars were fought all over the world and They are still going on to this day, But finally someone has appeared who can end the wars once and for all

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I opened my eyes, looking around on the ground, the tattered blanket that was over me fell off of me and on to the ground, it softly landed on the worn out, big square pieces of cardboard box that i slept on, i sat placing my back against the wall, it felt cold, lonely, desolate,

these walls were all to familiar, the metallic smell of old junk hit my nose, i peered around, the other kids around my age still asleep, the adults, while few were up and slowly rummaging around, i got up out of my “cosy” little corner, my body aching, i could feel the emptiness in the pit of my stomach, and wit every passing minute i could feel my strength grow weaker,

i saw this as an opportunity, the other kids were sleeping and the adults paid me no mind, i slowly made my way to the front of the old abandoned building i called home, and after clearing the entrance i scurried off to the market,

As i made my way through the maze like network of alleyways, i eventually came to the main market place, it was early in the morning but that didn’t stop it from being so busy, it was teeming with life, each stall had something different, as merchants stood out front trying to garner attention from passers by to take a look at what they had for sale, and the soldiers from both kingdoms, casually walking up and down the market, being careful to stay out of each others way,

i carefully moved along the back of the stalls, taking one or two items along the way, hiding them in my pockets or shirt or where ever they could fit, i made my way all the way to one of the bigger food stalls, i took my time as i peaked over the back of the stall and waited until the owner of the shop was too busy with the customers infront of him to notice, i took three apples, quickly stuffing them in my pockets, which were already filled, and then i scurried off, quickly back to the alley i came through,

Making my way back through, the alleys, as i got further away from the market the quieter it got, i looked up, looking at the brownish gray ceiling that stood high above me, that was the view i had become familiar with all my life, my life inside the wall,

i continued walking lost deep in my own thoughts, when i heard the loud ringing of a bell, i knew that sound, it was the bell of the self defence school, i turned the next corner and made my way to the sound of the bell, Luckily for most people living in the wall, the self defence schools was free, they are the only source of any kind of learning within the wall, and were run by ex military people who decided to live inside the wall, well at least the ones who weren’t into other shady kinds of business,

Most people inside the wall are born here, while others decide to live here, the wall acted as neutral zone for the two empires on the outside, though sometimes fights do break out between the two armies who regularly patrol the neutral zone, they also control the exits and entrances to the inside of the wall, and you need a special pass to get by them, are so I’ve been told at school,

made my way through the front gate of the school and towards the main hall, at the school we are usually taught how to defend our selves and basic knowledge of the outside world,

it was a usual day nothing seemed to be wrong, but even before i could get inside, the door exploded, i flew back, not knowing what had happened i layed there in shock as she stood infront of me, her hair flowed and shined a bright silver, her eyes were a beautiful shade of blood red, and her body covered in an all black uniform with silver armour matching her hair, to me she was a goddess.

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