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Freya has been on the run from her past. When she arrives in a town, she befriends her neighbours, who are lycans. As a supernatural herself she tries her best to stay hidden. But what if friendship, lust, danger en love are interfering in her life? Can she stay hidden from the people who are looking for her?

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

I took my two suitcases out of my car and walked towards my new house.

As a result of staying incognito, I never stayed long on a place. I have been on the run for 5 years and wanted to settle down in a nice peaceful village, close to the woods. I had found a nice job in the village as a librarian. A very boring, but incognito job, which was perfect for me. I knew that the area in her was run by lycanthropes, however, the village was too picturesque that I didn’t mind having the beasts around me.

With a sigh, I fell down on my new bed. I came all the way from Belgium to Nantucket, Massachusetts. I had a 2-floor house with a garden that leads directly to the woods. I loved evening strolls in the woods, in Brussels I lived in the city, which made it almost impossible to go into the woods every week.

After taking a well-needed shower I put my hiking boots and my coat on and went on exploring the woods. 20 Minutes into the woods I already smelled wet dog, apparently, the lycans who lived her liked these woods as well, I thought. To make it more obvious that lycans lived her, I heard howling not too far from me. Deciding that this was my cue to leave I went back to my house.

When I walked into my garden I saw that my neighbours were sitting outside, having a BBQ.

As I walked out of the woods, I felt their gaze on me.

‘Hi, are you our new neighbour?’ Asked a blonde girl, around her twenties.

‘Yes, I am Freya. I just moved in today.’

‘Nice to meet you, I am Ashely, but you can call me Ash. This is my brother Jason and our roommates Mike and Glenn.’ I must say that it looked like Ash and her roommates came straight out of a photo shoot. They looked hot, but like really hot. I wouldn’t mind fooling around with one of them..

‘Do you want to join us for the BBQ? I would love to get to know you Freya. I think we could be very nice neighbours.’ Ash said with a big smile. Her brother Jason looked irritated at her. What is his problem? If I wasn’t welcome he could just tell me.

‘Yes Freya, you should join us. Do you want a beer?’ Mike said, already handing me a beer.

‘Jeah sure, if it is not too much trouble.’ I responded and took the beer from Mike.

‘What brings you here?’ Glenn asked.

‘I am going to be the new librarian here. I just moved back from Brussels.’

‘You are replacing Europe for this shitty town?’

‘Brussels is in Belgium, Europe is not a country. It’s a continent…’ I responded to Jason, being a bit annoyed that he didn’t know the difference.

‘You should have known that Jason.’ Glenn laughed.

‘Oh shut your mouth Glenn. I don’t think you knew that either.’ Jason yelled angrily. Does he have anger issues? His roommate was just trying to be funny.

I just laughed and took a sip from my beer. The neighbours were nice. It was nice to have some social contact again. Brussels was a bit solitary for me.

We all chatted for a couple of hours until 10pm.

‘Anyways, it was nice to meet you guys. It is nice to have some friendly neighbours. We should do this again sometimes.’ I said with a yawn. I was still jetlagged from my trip.

‘Jeah that would be great.’ Ash replied.

The next day I woke up, feeling happy that I had chosen this town. I had a strange feeling that I would not regret going here. I decided that I needed some clothes. Maybe Ashley can show me around? As I walked to my neighbours’ house I knocked on the door.

‘Hi Freya. What are u doing here?’ Jason asked me giving me a cocky look.

Well somebody took the wrong step out of his bed..

‘Well.. I was thinking to go shopping, but I do not know this town yet. I thought that maybe Ashley wanted to show me around.’ I replied, ignoring his annoying face.

‘Freya, is that you? Go out of my way brother. Apparently I am needed to be Freya’s shopping assistant.’ Ash said while pushing Jason aside.

‘I am at your service Freya.’ While she took a bow.

I laughed. She is a crazy woman.

‘Just give me 5 minutes Freya, you can wait inside if you want to.’

I walked into the house and took a seat on the sofa.

While I was walking I felt Jason his gaze on me.

‘What is it Jason?’

‘No nothing. Just curious. ’ He replied.

‘About what?’

‘About why you are here. We don’t get new residents here often.’

‘Why? Do you think I am a murderer?’ I asked him. The nice think of being a 27-year-old who looked like a 16-year-old girl is that everybody thought I was Innocent. Plus having a job as a librarian made me look like an angel. A perfect disguise if you asked me.

‘If you are a murderer I would be the president.’ Jason laughed. The first time that I saw him laughing. I just laughed with him. If he just knew how wrong he was.

‘Hi Freya, how are you?’ Mike said walking out of his door.

‘Jeah fine. Still tired from my travel.’ I replied.

Mike nodded in understanding.

‘Let’s go Jase. Our boss needs us. We need to go.’ Mike nudged to Jason.

‘Bye Freya.’ Mike said and waived to me.

With Jason and Mike gone, I took a look at their house. It was cosy, looking a bit like a student house. But the smell.. It smelled the same as in the woods. Are they the lycans who live in this area?

Well, good job Freya. The only people you know here are lycans… Just be like any other human being and everything will be fine.

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