Ashen: Jewels of Illumina

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Story of an Elf as he struggle his way to finding the home he's longing for, and His Involvement that caused great changes In the world he's In. Note: This is only an early manuscript and content will/might be changed on revised/final version (And there's lotsa things needed to be corrected) -Fantasy Entry no.4

Fantasy / Adventure
Hikaru Takehara
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Act I|Prolouge I: Lindel

[Yurta - Marketplace]


Yurta, A City of Rielreta Kingdom. Near the border of the Empire, where all sorts of goods pass through without much security, Despite of the dangers possible. Many still flock to sell, buy or trade rare items, slave Is not an exception. The king of Rielreta Kingdom, Is kind enough to prevent such maltreatment towards slaves. But that's not the case for Yurta.


"Hey, what's your name ?", A boy In a cage across mine started talking to me. I looked at him, I wanted to respond to his calls but my throat are long dried. It hurts whenever I tried. My vision Is blackening, slowly my consciousness drifting Into the void. Will my suffering end now If I close my eyes?, will It be warm and comfortable with pillows and meat?. I can't remember how clean water tasted like, I felt something fell beside me. A chunk of hard bread had appeared Infront of my, I reached out tried grabbing It with my weak thin hand. I couldn't even hold the bread, I leaned and fell toward, with the last of my strength I pushed It Into my mouth. I couldn't even shed tears for I have no water left In my body, the hard bread scraped the side of my throat down as I swallow every bit of It. I looked up and saw the boy again smiling from his cage. He said "I ate mine already, you can have It", I struggled so hard just to bite the rest of the hard muddy bread, with what's left of my teeth. I passed out as chew with my bleeding gums on the hard, unsavory, dirty bread. I woke up and the boy wasn't there, his cage Is all that's left. He probably knew already It was his turn to be taken, he gave me his last meal. I couldn't cry.


I sat there staring In the distance of what my brain can make up to escape the reality, when I heard footsteps nearing close to me. I closed my eyes waiting for the steps to pass by, It stopped. I slowly opened my eyes and saw two pair of big gnarling eyes staring back at me, "Hey this ones still alive!". His rough voice shook my entirety. "Those eyes!" He laughed, "Do you hate this place? Work for me. I can get you out of here". He's suspicious, shady and that smile of his sends me chills. I want to run away from him, but where?. I saw a small light of hope within his words, i need to reply to him. He's leaving me, I don't want to be here anymore. I..! "Ge... ot...." nothing but cold air came out of my lungs, It hurts!. Speak!. "G.... et.. ou... t", He smiled even more. I was afraid, so afraid. but I need to held onto this new found hope, I want it.

A burst of metal cracking sounds pierced my eardrums as he teared through the thick metal cage open barehanded, I watched as his menacing grin grew wider. What Is this feeling? In my chest... excitement?. No. Happiness?. No. but one thing for sure is that when he held me up and embraced me, tears shed from my eyes for the first time, voice cracks Into cries like a newborn baby. finally seeing the outside world, for the first time and In another world at that. I'm finally seeing what's It's like.

"HA HA HA! You best prove me your worth and not make me regret taking you in Boy!", I passed out shortly due to exhaustion. I never felt like that before, and that's how my story started. Me carried by a rugged old man, Young Lindel helded by his saviour. Like a Boundless river, tears shed flows down the mountain of corpses. Like a beatiful calm waterfall.

-End Prologue

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