Ashen: Jewels of Illumina

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Act I|Prolouge II: Illumina's Scar




[Elven Castle:Throne Room]

The [Hero] and company retreated to the throne room In the effort of guarding the [King] ,and buying time for the [King] to escape.

The last Door of the throne room keeping the sea of enemies from getting In, Is bound to break at any moment.

They want the [King] to escape but he turned back and looked at the [Hero] In his eyes and said, "I live for my people, and for my people I will accompany you to the last with my body".

Loud crashing sound echoed In the spacious room, synchronized footsteps of the enemy soldiers is the only thing can be heard despite of the destruction and flames raging in the City.

Hopelessness and fear begun to crawl in on the brave soldiers, wanting to cry but had no tears to spare.

The [Hero] stepped forward facing his enemies, with the sound of his footsteps he awoken the soldiers from their nightmare and stepped forward following his.

A soldier by the Hero's side said "It an Honor to fight alongside my brothers", The [Hero] smiled as he charged to the thick sea of Blades and Shields.

The Battle continues, One by one brave soldiers fell taking dozens of enemies with them.

The Last Soldier looked back to the wounded [Hero], The satisfied expression on his face with be forever engraved in the [Hero]'s mind, the soldier whispered "I did great, didn't I? Father.."

The enemies begun to march forward, The [Hero] supported himself up with his sword never once he faced down and refuses to do so

Using his remaining life he had, He casted spell after spell continuously..

Even after that..

The enemies just kept coming endlessly, doesn't seemed to end..

"The only thing I can do is protect His Majesty till my last breathe" He uttered


Gathering all remaining Star essence In his blade..

The Enemies on guard for incoming attacks and surrounded me, "Just surrender your Highness It's all over now, If you promise to hand over elven arts then we'll spare your people's lives" Their commander said

"No not enough.. I need more... Time.." he said to himself as he stand, keeping pressure on the enemy. None dares to step forward and face him.

"Heh.. You Greedy humans really don't quit, do you?" he said.

"We are kind enough to grant you a swift death, but I changed my mind. You, shall die by my own hands and soak my blade with your blood! Proud Elven [Hero], Men! Take him down!".

"Not powerful enough..." he uttered.

Summoning all Life force remaining In him along with his remaining essence, It quickly drained his lifetime itself.

"It Hurts but compared to the suffering my people experienced, THIS IS NOTHING!".

His Body fastly rotting as he extracted every ounce of life left within him..

"It's by chance I aquired this power granted by the [Gods], and shall it will return to them personally!".

"Burning Stars.. Iluminating the world even In darkest sky... burn for my purpose.. Heed my wish! [Meteoria Ultima]!" the [Hero] chanted, Gigantic ball of Rock and Fire pierced the sky and lit the world as It's daytime.

"Smite all my foes and Reset the World!" he casted with his last breathe.. barely enough as his lips fragmented into nothingness..

"What a beautiful sight to behold.. Our people.. This is all I could offer as tribute.." he whispered.

All witnessed as the Star fell with their eyes, Mesmerized they stared without conscience retiring themselves to their faith, some even kneeled and pray to the goddess then repent. One can't imagine of what must've they felt except the people themselves who witness the spectacle which was visible even pass the great sea..


"I'm sorry....."

The [Hero] uttered his last words of farewell to his beloved as he turn to dust, His Life force for His legacy, "Then [Gran Ultima] Tier Spell Had been Created and Used for the first and last time, Erasing everything in It's wake" Scholars wrote

Everything Lit up brightly as If the Sun Itself exploded, The force Is so powerful that it Disintegrated all living things in the kingdom and nearby Forestation flattening the once bountiful mountain ranges

This created the lifeless sacred grounds in the once prosper Elven Kingdom..

Beautiful Flower gardens the elves nurtured and everything they built was burried with them In the dark past of the world

A war led by greed with nothing attained but death to the near and despair who witnessed the destruction..

This event left a scar on the history of Illumina forever.


"Is... anyone there ?"

My voice echoed then quickly vanish as If darkness swallowed It, as I moved I felt the heaviness of nothingess and continues to hinder me In my steps to the abyss.

"I couldn't remember what was the sun looks and feels like as It's rays touch my skin, will I be burnt by the sun If I suddenly go out after this journey In this eternal darkness.." I thought to myself.

I walked deeper and deeper slowly losing myself, voices In my head of family, friends and people slowly fading and being forgotten

I continued walking straight till I heard something I never heard before, I've been wandering here long enough to know that there's nothing but me on whatever this place Is, "If It's something like a beast depicted In the old books It'll be the end of me".

"But Is It possible for me to die here ?" i thought to myself

If only I can-- There It Is again what's making that thumping sound.

It Sounded like a Beating Heart

"Show yourself! Creature of the darkness!"


I wasn't really Imagining things

"Identify yourself! answer me! are you a friend or foe!?"

Provoking It Is really not the best Idea, If It's hostile I will not even have the chance to fight back.

I can hear It walk towards me cloaked within shadows lurking, till I can see It's outline in the distance..

"Lindel" It said, It's voice reverberated all over the darkened world.

It sounded like a woman's voice, also that name. I felt familiarity to It and It's almost like a whisper to my ear.

"No need to be on guard, I'm here to offer you something you desired" It said.

"What i desired ?"

What's that supposed to be? Aside from getting out of this place I got no other desire.

"You see, I have a favor to ask you so won't you be a dear and solve this Lady's problem ?"

"You refer yourself as a Lady ? Even in plain sight i can see billions of restless souls you claimed"

"Oh my you should not poke your nose too deep... My hand might slip"

"Hmp, You brought me here cause you needed me and by that you can't kill me"

I don't want to provoke her but I need to stand my ground or I'll be a slave to her will..

I couldn't even react, What a way to demonstrate dominance I almost got a heart attack.

"Don't push your luck boy, You humans are so easy to replace If I needed to".

I want to wipe that smirk In her face so badly, I know I don't stand a chance and she knows well what she's capable of someday I'll mop floor with this bitch's face..

"Scary Scary~ you know I can hear you right?"

"Get to that point already.."

"The scales of balance In this world Is shifting, You see my job to maintain the balance of this world or It'll lead to Catastrophe, Seems you get my intention

I don't have much time to spare with small talks, I'll guide you so don't worry about getting lost and you are free to do what you want after completing my request your reward shall be a wish of any sort"

I can feel dread from her voice as It echoes the darkness

"So I just go out there and do It huh ? Vague explanation is worrying"

"Move along now, I already restored your body and waiting for your soul to possess It"

I couldn't follow much either and It's obvious that this God or so It call itself Is too bad at her work..

"And how do I go back ?"

"Do I have to do everything for you? You sealed your soul In here just before you got beheaded, Just wake up"

Just wake up?

I am awake..

wait.. Do i really?

Wake up...?

I don't understand It well but If I'm correct sleeping will make me wake up so I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself to fall asleep..

What Is this light..

"You are now transmigrating to your body using the link I created... Now Don't disappoint me"

I saw nothing but white till seconds later..

I found myself standing on beds of flowers as I bathe In gentle moonlight..

How long has It been since I witness the beauty of the night sky..

This body Is still weak so I need to lay and rest for a bit, I tried to turn and look around If there Is a place I can stay but to my surprise, A girl standing behind me I remembered that God said about a connection..

Is this girl have some sort connection to me? I thought to myself till my visions got clearer and saw her face..

I don't know If God has to do with this but why Is she here..

I will not forget that face of hers..

How are you still alive..

Angry, Despise and Frustration arise deep within me but strange I could not remember why Despise her so much..

God must have erased my resentments left In me, That's so unfair..

Last time I remember before I collapse is saying her name..

what.. Is her name ?




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