I Am Who You Say I Am

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When 16yr old tomboy Jesuvia has to leave her home and girlfriend for a magical new beginning with her evil mom at a new school, she finds it rather fun. But during all this fun she must figure out the truth of her father and her mother. But how will this be possible if Stephen, her Alpha, makes things complicated and confuses Jesuvia about her sexuality. What Jesuvia must realize, apart from the fact the fate of this universe and the magic dimension rest in her hands, is that we don't choose who we love it just happens. *Under Serious Editing. Please Cope With Me, Thank You. *Editor - @foundmymuchness WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE AND MY SEXUALITY HAS NO BOUNDARIES SO IF LGBTQ RELATIONSHIPS FREAK YOU OUT I WOULD ADVISE YOU TO GO NO FURTHER. I AM WHO YOU SAY I AM I AM WHO THEY WANT ME TO BE I AM WHO I'M MEANT TO BE I AM WHO I AM My stories have been written already in a notebook before I knew of Wattpad or Inkit, so they won't go how you want them to... I'm sorry.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

N.B- The P.O.V is anonymous for now, it was just a little thing I was doing. Suspense shit, but in the next chapter you'll see if its a boy or a girl. So don't hate me in the comments.

Her fingernails into my skin, legs wrapped around my head, hands tearing her thighs and her brash yet satisfying moans were just things of the present, not something I would plan to do again.

With her legs shaking from constant joy and fulfilment my mind flashed to Kim, and my tongue ceased to work anymore. The feeling I once felt was gone. I got up from between her legs and started to dress.

"What's wrong?" her face befuddled as she searched herself to see if she was the problem. She was not. She was hella fine, but Kim was much more stimulating and if she knew who I was screwing that very instant, I'd be dead, both of us would.

"Nothing Sasha I have to go." My clothes were now on and my hand on the doorknob.

She wore irritated and confused on her face like a professional. "Ok, when are we gonna do this again?"

"I don't know, I just really need to go." I dashed out of her house.

I ran home, which was a 20-minute run but it was worth it. Once I opened the door, heavy breathing and sweat all over, grandma attacked me. She was sixty-four but acted nothing of such; she had the most thunderous voice, her skin looked like a forty-year-old and she was pretty active. She was black, like me, and had curly brown hair with hints of grey strands.

"Where have you been?" her face demanded answers.

Lying came easy to me like a monkey learning to swing. "I was out with Minto and the guys at Oven N Grill" and I was pretty persuasive.

"Kim has been calling worried about you. Wheres your phone?"

"It's dead." She stared at me as if trying to figure something out. "What is it?"

"I don't want you around people who could make you angry. You know what happens when you get angry. And once you activate your powers around people that's when your mother will swoop down and take you away." She had a little crack in her voice.

My mother was the queen of some magical dimension, a werewolf and the principal of a school in the mountains from where I live, Priory in Jamaica. I'm said to be one of the powerful, regal creatures so when she heard this she started to show interest in me. Grandma said whenever my mother sees it fit she will cut loose of all her responsibilities and come get me so I can join her school in the dumb mountains.

As if I would.

My powers are a family thing passed down from generations but can miss a person, like my grandma. She has no powers but she knows a few spells which she uses to communicate with the rest of the family from the magic dimension except my dad. My dad is human. He's practically just a sperm downer, he left once he knew my mom was pregnant.

My mom, grandpa, great-grandma and the rest of my family live in the magic dimension, completely invisible and oblivious to humans. I've never been there but grandma tries her best to explain even though she's terrible at it.

"I'm telling you I went out with the guys."

"And I heard you but spend more time with Kim, you guys have been together for 2 years and you've never been angry and I like her." She placed together and I could help but smile. Of course, I knew she liked Kim, who didn't. She was calm and an easy to get along with individual.

"I'm gonna go have a bath then go visit her." She looked at me all jumbled, must have been because I hated to bathe but I couldn't go to Kim's with her best friend on me.

After grandma reminding me that tomorrow was school, I had my bath and went over to Kim's who was literally on the other street.

She sat on the couch, her back turned to the door and her head to her phone. I walked behind her then kissed her forehead. "Hey, beautiful."

She remained stiff and unbothered of my presence. Her eyes filled with tears. "What's wrong baby?" I trailed my fingers against her left arm.

"I was wondering when you were gonna tell me about Tahlia."

She caught me off guard. I was not expecting her to come with that name. It was just one of those one-time things. She measured my face expression then got up and ran upstairs.

My jaws clenched as annoyance plagued me. She always thought I was cheating.

Well, I was but she could've at least give me a little trust.

I went there for some good time seeing I had to stop what I was doing with Sasha (not that I regretted it but lust was still in the air). I exhaled, licked my lips then marched after her. Opened the door to find her on the bed, face planted into the pillow, sobbing.

"Kim listens it was a one-night thing I was drunk, she was probably drunk overall it meant nothing." I rubbed her back.

She sat up in bed. "You could've told me I had to hear from Sasha?" That's one of the things I loved about her; she allowed me to get away with things even though I knew one day she wouldn't take it longer.

Sasha? That whore was playing some kind of game trying to get me all to herself.

Kim was not going to get down with me, and it was fine, so I laid with her until she fell asleep. Her single mother, Ms Carmen, was downstairs watching television. She had just returned from work. I said my goodbyes and went home.

"Get up." Grandma hit my shoulder and I sat up. "You're late." She left my room.

"Aren't I always?" I ran to the bathroom and put myself together. Whatever grandma had made had to be left.

I missed the first period so I stayed in the bathroom with my bros. We went to class, the third session for math class of which everyone in my grade had at the same time with one teacher.

When I entered the class the teacher was absent. My seat was especially saved for me, Kim. She kept a seat beside her for me, which may I add was right beside Sasha as well and the seats were as close together as the ones at movie theatres.

Mr Hallikens finally came to class. "Good morning." He said pushing his glasses on his nose. "Today we're going to watch a math theory said to be from the renaissance period. So settle down and turn the lights off thank you."

Everyone did as they were told. As soon as the clip started, with my left hand over Kim's shoulder, she turned around to kiss me. Which was so loud, the kids in the row before us turned to look. Though I doubt they saw anything, the room was dark.

After everything settled back I felt my hand slowly travelling to the right. I kept my eyes on the screen so that Kim wouldn't see me looking Sashas way. Seeing was less than a feeling. Once I felt the wetness of such an area I knew where my hand was. I looked at her to see her biting her bottom lip.

I tried to pull my hand away but it was pointless. She was determined to keep it there and I couldn't help myself, I just had to I had to.

Yeah call me an addict, I don't care.

I pushed my finger inside her and twined it around, she kept smirking. I decided to up it a little. Two fingers and she bit her lip, the left side of her face twitching. Three fingers, she pressed her back to the back of the chair her breathing slow and her legs began shaking. Her hands were busy; one playing with her breast and the other in her mouth.

All this was happening but Kim's eyes seemed to have glued to the screen. Sometime later she came and I pulled out my fingers and she pulled her pants.

Within three minutes later class ended. Everyone packed up and headed for the exit. To our next class, it was just my bros and I. History class was just like always, boring. After class, with the bell ringing to signal recess, my bro and I walked to the cafeteria.

"Dude I saw you this morning in math class." Minto my closest friend said laughing and fist-bumping me. He and Henry, my second bro, grinned at each other.

"I just don't understand how you do it. I'm the captain here and Dre rides a bike and we still don't have girls begging us to give us what you be getting." Norvin added.

"Yeah, mi jus nuh undastan yah man. (I just don't understand.)" Dre spoke laughing. He spoke the Jamaican language all the time because his parents allowed him to but other parents only allowed their children to speak English. We all knew how to speak creole, we had the accent, but we spoke English because the majority did.

Its called peer pressure.

Gallivanting passes the bathrooms with our shenanigans when a hand from the girls' restroom tugged my left hand and swooped me in.

"What the fuck Sasha? Are you nuts Kim could have been out there." I yelled.

"But she does not so hush up." She plays with my shirt. "I need you." She mumbles.

"I cant."

"Fine then leave, just go." She barks at me then pushed me outside to face smiling Henry and Minto.

"Dre and Norvin went to the cafeteria to meet Kim," Minto said.

We walked to the cafeteria as normal as we could. Kim and the guys sat around a table laughing their heads off.

"Where were you?" she kept her smile.

She dragged me beside on the seat beside her "Henry had to use the bathroom."

"oh ok." She stared at the guys.

"Yeah, we're going. See you later yo." Norvin called to me then they left.

Kim and I spent recess like every other day, eat, laugh and be mushy and stuff. After lunch, we went to our different classes which were mind-numbing for me that I slept until I heard the bell rang for the end of the school day.

As usual, I met Kim outside and we proceeded our journey home. I mean they labelled us as the school most beautiful couple so she wanted to do everything together even if I didn't agree.

You know how they get right?

A few feet away from her house she just had to mention Sasha. "Baby Sasha's being cold to me and I don't know what I did."

"Yeah, you just have to understand that people change." I felt so guilty or whatever that feeling was.

"But we're best friends."

"I know. Anyways I can't come in today. My grandma wanted to talk to me so."

"Oh ok." She kissed my forehead. "And give granny Rachel my love." She vanished into her house and I headed for home.

Once I got home and my phone connected to the Wi-Fi it started buzzing like crazy. I mean that was a norm. Being popular isn't as easy as it looks. No, I'm not a cheerleader or on the football team or a nerd or a teachers child. I'm just that one kid at school who was just popular for popular sake.

"Grandma I'm home" I shouted as I threw my bag to the floor and leapt onto the couch. Community was on. It was a TV series about some college students who learned to live with each other.

"Oh hey." She rounded out of the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn and sat next to me. "I know we stared this topic yesterday but we need to finish it."

"What topic?" my eyes on the screen.

"Your powers. When last have they crept up on you?"

With my eyes glued to the TV, "You said it, grandma, not since I've been with Kim about two years now. There fine honestly, I know how to keep calm and stay away from drama."

Well not consciously. I keep fucking around with other girls but that's not on purpose.

"I just need you to be prepared." I could tell she was having a hard time saying what she wanted to.

"For what?"

"For your mother and when she decides to come. But I don't want you to go before your time so don't mess things up." See if I should expose my hybrid self to these humans on any circumstances I would be taken away by my mother and such humans would be kilt.

Great right?

"No worries grandma, if she come mi nah go wid withar mi ago stay wid yuh. Mi nah leave yuh. (don't worry grandma if she comes I won't go I'm staying. I can't leave you.)" I hugged her even though it was the last thing I like to do.

"If she comes you I'll fight, I'll fight with everything I have," I added and I meant it.

"I don't think so," she decided to kill my buzz. "You don't even know how to use your powers. You remember what happens every time they're activated?" I looked away from her and she continued. "That's right you faint so there's no fighting."

With all, she said I knew she was right but I had to keep the faith, "It doesn't matter, I won't be going." I finalized in fear and bravery [if that's even possible]. But I shouldn't have been worried.

I mean what are the chances that Id wake up tomorrow and shes there?

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