Glitter and Gremlins

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Within the state of Idaho, magic abounds between the cracks of sage brush and boiling asphalt. Two friends, a Magician named Faust and a junkie named Jae-Sung, work tirelessly to keep their beloved state safe from the clutches of evil. Fortunately for them, great evil does not often come to Idaho, so their story is but a series of mild encounters with demons, warlocks and sometimes the occasional alien. Enjoy.

Fantasy / Thriller
Ray Whiting
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

It was quiet. People bustled about in raincoats, their cheeks flushed and their noses rosy. In their arms they carried groceries, children tugging at arms and keeping close as their mothers hushed them and looked about, their thoughts scattered yet direct. With all of the moving objects, voices, and mild aggression, one would think Faust would get distracted, but he instead sat quietly at his coffee table, the chair across from him housing a shiny, ceramic-looking humanoid.

“I don’t have all day.” The demon said, his fingers long and needle like, stroking his coffee cup and gathering small wisps of foam on his fingertips. “Why did you call me here?”

“I know what you stole.” Faust pursed his lips, his mouth becoming one long strip as his cheeks puffed ever so slightly. “Just tell me now, like, I have no time either, what do you think I even do out here? Drink coffee?” He scoffed, rolling his eyes.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” The demon shrugged, his orange eyes telling different as he sat relaxed, his arms on his lap and his white, shiny face glinting with the sunbeams outside. “I don’t steal anything, it’s beneath me.”

“Now, normally I would believe you, but I have already gone down that road and know for a FACT that nothing evil is above you.” Faust laughed, his ginger hair falling in his face as he leaned forward, placing a finger on the table. “That is the case with people, but never with your kind.”

“’Your kind’?” The demon scowled. “What is that, some sort of slur?”

The Magician gave an exasperated look. “You people are literally known for doing evil, don’t start with that. I won’t fall for it again. Seriously, how stupid do you think I am?”

“I think you are the smartest person in this room.” The demon smiled, his humanoid form becoming slightly more rigid, his smile too wide for comfort.

“You are . . .” Faust squinted. “Lying! Obviously. Also, what is with this body you took? Does he wear too much foundation? You look like a manikin.

“Obviously.” He grasped onto his drink and brought it to his lips, drinking it quickly. A woman entered with two boys, both fighting loudly as she shouted at them to stop. His orange eyes flicked over to them, watching with eagerness as the coffee bubbled around his lips, running down his chin.

“Just tell me where it is.” Faust said, folding his arms, watching his guest intently. “I don’t even need it back, I just want to know.”

“I said I have no idea what you are talking about.” The demon turned his attention back on the Magician. “Are you going to let me go now?”

Faust gritted his teeth, frustration rising in his throat as his hands slowly gripped the table. He sat very still, his muscles tense under his oversized coat and leather pants, stray glitter falling out of his red hair as his head jerked to the side. The eyes tattooed along his neck and face began to move, blinking and looking about. “Tell me.” He said, the words almost clawing up his throat and spilling out of his mouth. “Just tell me.”

“Alright, I’ll tell you.” The demon set his cup down, and leaned forward, his lips parted as if ready to tell him. Faust watched intently, the tattooed eyes widening in anticipation.

With one strong thrust, the demon grasped the bottom edge of the table and flipped it over, knocking their coffees onto Faust and lurching for one of the noisy boys. Screaming arose, the mother protesting shrilly as her son was yanked from her grasp and dragged through the coffee shop door. Faust groaned tiredly and lept up, bolting through the door and throwing several twenties over his shoulder for the barista.

The demon held the boy on the inside of his elbow around his neck, choking him while he dashed through the streets of the small downtown Ontario Oregon area. He lept into a crosswalk who’s timer had just expired, cars whizzing by and swerving to avoid them as Faust quickly followed after. A semi truck came barreling down towards the Magician, making him shriek in terror as he dove out of the way. The demon roared with laughter and made it to the other side, through he tripped and fell, his shiny face hitting the pavement and shattering like glass. Once he went down, the boy got up and scrambled away, crying and screaming as he held his hands over his ears.

Faust caught up to the demon and furrowed his brow. This was not something that happened often, or ever, that he had seen. Many demonic entities constructed bodies for themselves but none that shattered like glass before. He bent down and picked up one of the pieces, seeing the inside was stained with some sort of brown, powdery substance. Putting it in one of his many pockets, he turned around and walked back towards the coffee shop, pretending nothing had happened in the first place.

A call came through his phone. “What?” He asked, stopping at the other end of the crosswalk as he spoke. “Yeah, okay, I’ll head out in a second. I have to make sure a barista got his tip.”

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