The Goddess and Her Alpha

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Amira is a human that lives in a small town where the people know better than to step foot outside after dark. The rogue wolves have been known to unleash their wrath on anyone in the city found alone. Her parents were proof of that, leaving her brother, Jake, to raise her. After the worst night of her life, everything begins to change. What she believes to be a hallucination, could actually be her inner Goddess' awakening. And her new Alpha, Killian, seems happy to stand by her side during the process.

Fantasy / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Night that Changed Me

Word of Warning: This book is the first that I have ever written. Please be patient with my grammar and spelling errors, as I’m sure there are a few. I try my best to edit as I write. But this is all very new to me. I will be updating regularly and would love some feedback, even if it is constructive criticism.

Also: This is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18. There are details of blood, gore, rape, as well as sexual interactions. It’s all part of the story and serves a purpose.

“Amira! We are going to be late! Hurry up!” My brother shouts from downstairs.

I roll my eyes and turn my music up louder, gliding eyeliner perfectly on the tops of my lids. I reach for my favorite shade of red lipstick and swipe it across my lower lip, then smack them both together. My messy dark brown curls fall perfectly to the middle of my back, matching my freckles. Satisfied with my appearance, I reach for my black leather jacket and head down the stairs, taking them two at a time. I swipe my brothers keys from the hook by the door just as he reaches for them. “I’m driving.” I demand, giving him a smirk. He shakes his head at me immediately.

“No.” He extends his hand out to take them from me. Rolling my eyes in protest, I toss him the keys.

We walk outside and stand next to his red car. “Jake, the sun is going down. Will we make it on time?” He nodded, but his face twists with concern. We slid into the seats and the car turned on with a roar. Jake sped down the streets with the radio blasted and the windows rolled down, the sun barely kissing my cheek while I sang along. A few minutes later we pulled up to the only bar in town, The Mug. His long time girlfriend, Eliza, was singing here tonight as the musical entertainment. We stepped out of the car and walked inside to see a full crowd, Eliza immediately noticing us from across the room and racing over with bright but anxious eyes.

“There you guys are! I’m so nervous. Do I look okay?” She pouts at Jake and he melts for her as always. He whispers something to her and strokes her hair back causing her face to light up and blush red. They are a sweet couple. The kind of thing I would want if I were looking for that sort of thing. But I’m not.

She runs on stage and grabs the microphone, dedicating the first song to Jake and thanking him for his support and encouragement. The piano starts and it goes completely dark except for the stage lights. The song is slow and sweet and reminds me that I want a shot of tequila. And lucky me, there’s a few seats left at the bar.

By the time she was on her third song I am five shots deep and feeling every one of them. The warmth fills my cheeks and my eyes are hazy. I stumble through the front door of the bar and remove a joint out of my pocket. There are a few people walking down the street. A woman and her child hailing their Uber and a man striding across the street towards me. His hair is white and messy, his figure tall and muscular. He looks like a douche bag. He approaches me with a twisted smirk on his face.

“Hello, gorgeous. You know, the sun is going down and the wolves will be out soon. You shouldn’t be out so close to dark by yourself. Can I walk you home?”

“No, thanks.” I say coldly, sparking my joint. I take a deep inhale and avoid eye contact with the stranger, hoping he will just go away. The wolves that lurked in the night always seemed to be some grossly hormonal guys way of trying to be “chivalrous”.

“No problem. Sorry to bother you.” I would think his words are kind but his eyes are saying something more sinister. He places a hand against the brick wall beside my head. “Just one more thing. Could I get your number, beautiful?”

I roll my eyes and mentally gag. “No, I’m good. Take a hint and keep walking, buddy.” There is a long pause where I avoid acknowledging him but feel him staring at me, holding his stance and running his eyes up and down my body.

“Wrong choice, Amira.” My skin goes cold and I don’t have time to speak before he takes off running down the street towards the edge of town.

‘How did he know my name? Had I possibly been his server at the diner at some point?

I shook it off and finished my joint, extinguishing it on the bottom of my boot before heading back inside. Eliza was finishing up her last song just in time. Even though he was creepy and obnoxious, that guy was right about it getting dark out. I order two more shots at the bar and meet up with Jake and Eliza. “You were great, El. I really enjoyed your performance!”

“Thanks, Ames. I was really nervous! I’m so glad you guys were here though!” Her face was glistening with the smallest droplets of sweat as she fanned herself with her hands. “Jake, do you mind dropping me off at home? I wasn’t expecting to finish so late.”

“Of course.” He swoons at her. “Sure you don’t wanna come home with me though?” She blushes and playfully pushes him away, shaking her head. We get to the car and pull away from The Mug just as they begin turning lights off and locking up for the night.

When we get home twenty minutes later, the moon is out. Jake grabs his house key and we pace quickly towards the door, hurrying inside. He locks it behind us and sighs in relief. “You want first shower tonight?” I nod and grab a warm towel from the dryer before going upstairs.

The water is as hot as I can stand it and steam fills the small room quickly, fogging the mirror. Still drunk from the bar, I fumble with my soaps before cleaning myself. I am deep in my thoughts when I hear a loud crash from the other room. Jake probably knocked something over again.

‘Clumsy kid.’

I turn the water off and wrap my towel around my body. When I reach for the door knob, I hear another thud from the other side of the door. Great. He’s probably made a mess I’ll have to help clean up. Again. I open the door and investigate where the noise came from. “Jake, I swear if you are raging out or being a klutzy drunk again I’m not cleaning the aftermath!”

“Run, Amira!” His words sound choked out and strained.


Disregarding my brothers words, I tied my towel tighter and sprinted to where his voice was coming from. When I approached, my heart sank and my skin went cold. He’s here. The man from the bar earlier. He has Jake pinned on the ground. His hands around my brothers throat with claws extended from his fingers. When he sees me, he releases his grip and stands up, placing a foot on Jake’s chest. “Ah, there you are Amira. I knew I could smell you.”

Chills ran down my spine as I ran to Jake. “What the fuck do you want, mutt? Leave him alone! Get out!” I tried pushing his foot away but it’s firmly planted. He smirks down at me and laughs at my effort.

“I want you, baby. Your smell was so wonderful tonight that I want to drown myself in it.” He chuckles and grabs at me, tearing my towel from my body so quickly that I cant even attempt to stop him. “And I fully intend to.”

“Fuck off, flea bag . Not happening!” I reach for the towel and he dangles it away from me, his eyes squinting with madness. I’m fully exposed and vulnerable. I know that my brother has a silver dagger in his night stand. As I try to subtly inch towards it, he darts his eyes at my destination and smiles wickedly.

Jake reaches up, clawing at the white haired mans leg, trying to free himself. “If you lay one hand on her I swear to god I will kill you!”

“I wasn’t going to do this, Amira. But you both have left me no choice. I don’t need any extra problems on my hands.” He reaches down and, in one swift motion, swipes his claws across Jakes neck. My breathing stills in my lungs as I try to grasp what is happening. Blood seeps from Jakes body, pooling around his severed head.

‘My brother. The one that taught me to ride a bike. The Jake that didn’t let anyone at school mess with me. The one who looked after me when our parents died at the hands of rogues. Let me drink with him after a breakup. Smiled and sang in the car with me. The Jake that is decapitated and staining the floor with his blood. ’

The man swung his arm at me, grabbing a fist full of my hair. He pushed me to the floor as hot tears rolled down my cheeks, my eyes stinging at their release.

‘Alone. I’m alone now. Completely. ’

I hear him unzip his pants and don’t even move, painfully aware that his pure wolf power is unmatched in this situation.

I cant feel anything. Just... Numb. He touches himself for a moment. I should fight back. But I can’t move and I know what happens if you fight a werewolf. He pushes my face into the carpet and thrusts into me from behind. I let out a pained whimper and my mind goes blank. I stare at the blood, now reaching my finger tips. My body being thrown back and forth. Over. And Over.

When he is finished, he rolls me over onto my back. “Sorry, baby. Gotta be cautious.” He reaches for something out of my sight and hits me in the back of the head, hard and fast. And everything goes dark.

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