Reincarnated as the Villainess Ice Witch

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Leila never thought of her death until just a second when she's the victim of a hit and run. Her last thought was it was her end of a life she was just starting. Friends she was beginning to meet and a new DnD session she was so forward looking to do with her friends. Leila gets a new chance in life when she wakes up in the 7-year-old body of Lyda, a princess of an ice empire. Living her new life leisurely and full of glamor, but there is a catch. Lyda is the villainess in the DnD story. In the game, Sofia's character suffers the tragic tale of death in the hands of her foil, the heroine. Now, Lyda's new self has to try to change her path before she's sent to live with her fiance, and a chain of events causes her downfall. Easier said than done, but she's determined to survive in her second life while trying to figure out how she died in her first.

Fantasy / Adventure
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How quickly is it for things to start and end?

How fragile are our lives?

Are other universes even real?

Lyda wakes up in a new world, barely remembering her past but one thing she's sure off is the people she meets her old friends

And rivals.

The scornful 'Good Mornings' from her brother are no longer pleasant. He smiles as he sees his sister, Lyda, gleaming back at him. Her father, who used to be distant yet caring that to his last breath, protected Lyda only to die by her own hands now reaches for her without thinking twice. Lyda reached for him with just as much love. Her mother, the only one that understood her and cared for her even when Lyda pushed her away when she blamed her for not being wholly noble due to her gypsy blood, was glowing with life as Lyda eagerly asked her to dance and sing more folk songs.

They were a real family. Closer and more reliable than ever


It was a lie.

Whatever Lyda was supposed to be in this universe, the universe she created with her friends wanting to escape reality for a moment only was no longer here. Leila was her old name, her name in another universe, another life before it was wrongfully taken without a care.

Leila was glad for another chance in life. Only this time, she was born to once again act as the villain. A cruel and cunning Ice Mage. That backed by her father, the Emperor of Acardis, could have controlled the world. Extend her empire and covered the world in snow and ice.

That is if the Holy Phoenix didn't interfere and swiftly killed her.

Lyda was reborn; the dying soul revived with one of another universe, another life that was also hers. They became one, and this time Lyda wanted to live.

This time she would fight back, harder than before. To prove her worth. To save her friends.

To live another day.

It was easier said than done, but Lyda still had ten years before her demise.

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