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Yeah I know you must be wondering why did I wrote "Kwarantined" instead of "quarantined". This must be the very first question on your mind after seeing this title, isn't it? You must be calling me an idiot or an illiterate. But it doesn't matter what matter is you took your time and opened my story well if you read the title you might have already figured it out that what year this is. Well it's 2020 and this is a story of a student in home quarantine absolutely due to the pandemic which is viral now a days as a disease both in reality and internet. Well this already seem like a long description why dont you get to the story already.

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1 The Beginning

It all started somewhere around December, 2019. A person ate a bat and screwed everyone's lide. Well before this I never knew that bats are edible but after hearing this now I think that everything is edible if you can eat.

Now I don't think I need to go to details because the whole world is familiar with it by now. The desease which is well named as "Corona virus" or "COVID 19" ( I don't know the full form just go and Google it) or whatever it is called. This tiny virus which we can't even see became a big trouble for everyone. It literally screwed everyone's life. And where did it start from? Obviously it's made by them who are responsible for making every 9 out of 10 products found in the world. Yeah, its "made in china". Normally Chinese products don't last long as there is no guarantee but this lil virus lasted alot longer then anyone expected and was stronger than anyone could imagine.

Well it started from a place named Wuhan ( I never heard that name before this virus existed) where a person made him a bat soup... Seriously, I'm still confused why they eat these stuffs. And then all the mess began he got infected it speeded from one person to another and blah blah blah. Then it travelled the around all places of earth, WHO announced it as a global pandemic and then what earths shutter down. And here the lockdown began.

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