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This is the sequel to The Amethyst Pack, please read that first!! Serena never thought she would be where she was today, after that small battle in the fields her life is changing and a bigger, nastier battle is on the horizon. Learning to be the alpha everyone needs her to be is going to be a huge challenge, but learning who to trust, how to love, how to be a happy family when she hasn't had it in a long time, these are the challenges she faces now. Can she protect the pack? Can she protect the ones she loves? All the while she's Becoming the Alpha she needs to be...

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Chapter One

This is the sequel to The Amethyst Pack! Please read that first!
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A lot had happened since the small battle we fought in the field. In the next few months we had worked alongside the hunters in trying to track down Sebastian and the others, but we couldn’t find any of them.

No trace at all, they simply vanished. Hunters weren’t being randomly attacked, no one else was dying, it just went quiet, too quiet.

Fear flooded me every day that we weren’t able to find Oliver, I knew he was still alive but that was all I felt. Pauline and I had tried again and again to use her magic and my alpha power to contact him through the pack link, but each time it grew harder, more painful and in the end we had to stop for fear of breaking our bond completely.

So many things in my life had changed, all having begun the day I had found out about werewolves, now I was an alpha of a pack, my parents were Alpha and Luna of their own, I knew of vampires, witches and was in an alliance with hunters. There wasn’t a single day that I got to myself anymore, there was always something or someone who needed my attention.

The day we had come home from the battle we had settled my new pack at Lucien’s house, at first they put up tents and rotated between outside and the warmth of the house before they started to expand the building, many of them were keen builders and I had to say the whole place looked amazing, little houses were now dotted across the pack’s huge field, like a brand new community.

I couldn’t say that it was all perfect, my wolves had mostly been rogues, some hated sticking to rules, their anger getting the most of them, we’d had several issues of them defying me and I had to have them submit to me several times as they bowed down. They hated bowing to a female alpha, it wasn’t in their nature, usually it would be a strong male, it was extremely rare to have a female alpha, so of course they didn’t like it.

I had made Liv my second Beta wolf as she took to it with a certain fire, she was becoming a feisty girl and a great friend to me as time went by. She was also mated with David who never left her side, they were the perfect pair, he helped her with her role too, especially when the guys got a little too much against her, pushing their male dominance against her, but she never let it get to her. The more they pushed, the more she pushed back with fierce determination.

Daniel had seemed a little lost without his twin, as David spent most of his time with Liv now, that was until he met Carla.

The day we had come home from the battle Carla and her parents, Jeremy and Olivia were waiting for us in the café as Vance let us all in and we had a long talk. Pauline and Tony made food for us as Vance, Craig, the twins, Liv, and I explained everything to them.

Carla seemed to take all the news with wide-eyed excitement, it was like she was born for our world. She asked millions of questions, like what creatures were real? Does it hurt to shift? I learnt a lot that night too.

She asked the others everything, but her eyes kept darting to me as I was quiet, longing to find Oliver, feeling exhausted, emotional, and just wanting the day to be over.

“Serena…Are you ok?” She had asked and that’s when the waterworks in my eyes opened up.

“SERENA!” Craig had shouted worriedly as Carla slapped his hand away from me, taking my hand as she pulled me up, Craig growled at her.

“Growl at me once more Craig and I’ll make sure she has you neutered” Carla snapped at him which caused me to giggle as she hugged me tightly.

“Try it” Craig snaps back.

“Craig, she’s my best friend, chill out” I growled as I turn at glare at him.

“You’re mine, I should be helping you when you are upset, me alone” Craig huffed.

“Carla is like my sister Craig, don’t start this possessive shit, I know you feel like you need to be there every second for me because we’re mated, but you don’t have to do everything for me”

“Perhaps we should leave this for today and continue when everyone is well-rested” Jeremy said with a raised brow.

“Have some food before you even think of leaving. Craig and Serena why don’t you two take it upstairs for the moment” Vance said.

“Go solidify your bond, he’s hormonal,” Vance said through our link as I burst into laughter.

“You’ve got to be joking” I laugh.

“Want to let me in on the joke?” Carla raised a brow in question.

I looked to Craig with a smirk as his eyes bore into mine.

“Upstairs, now” I ordered lustfully through our mating bond as he choked on his drink, jumping up before spanking my ass and heading upstairs.

“Werewolves are horny gits I’m guessing” Carla laughs.

“You have no idea” Daniel rolls his eyes before his eyes fixed on Carla.

I felt the change in the air as his eyes sparkled.

“Mate” Is all he said as I smirked.

“Looks like you’ll find out soon enough Carla” I winked at her as I nodded towards Daniel, she blushed as she giggled and I ran upstairs to the flat, the door open waiting for me.

Let’s just say I fixed Craig’s issue, Daniel found his mate and my manic life as an alpha really began from that day on.

The next few weeks showed being alpha was by no means an easy task, although my father was showing me the ropes, I was still had so much to learn.

Dad and I barely saw each other too, he was always so busy working with Calvin, trying to find other packs and groups that would join our new world where we stood together in peace.

Mum, however, had taken a liking to Vance and the café as she and Carla both started to work here too. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had much time to work for Vance, but he was glad to have my mother’s help as she helped his business boom, she had missed her business, and this brought back her passion for cooking.

I missed working with them all the time, but I had to keep my pack safe first and Vance knew that. I still helped when I could though. Icing cakes that my mum had made as we worked together once more.

My parents had organised a meeting with myself and Calvin as we talked over everything that had happened, what our next plans would be and how we were going to continue.

We talked for hours and we came up with a small plan of action on how to protect the human community, to begin with, which would need Jeremy and his police training.

Over the next few weeks, we organised the new human protection division working with humans that knew the truth and protecting those who didn’t.

There were so many more that knew of our kind than I had thought, in this area, there was at least fifty. All were being trained by the hunters, given special guns and devices they had created to sense when there was a creature around them.

Jeremy was more than happy to run it for them, which meant Carla and her family were staying here and I couldn’t have been happier. I was so happy to have my best friend back.

Carla decided to help Vance and the others in the café as it got busier and busier, while her mother, who was a trained nurse was learning everything to do with supernatural medicine, she wanted to become our pack doctor, she loved taking in every new ounce of information. They had become a true asset to us, and I loved that they just made our family bigger.

I loved that I had this huge family now, but sometimes it got a little much and it was like I couldn’t escape. I never got a moments peace.

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