Diary of an Immortal

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Three thousand years ago John was born and given to Marcus Sullivan to raise. However, John was not like other children, but the first immortal to be born in a millennium. John keeps a diary of his long life as he travels through the corridors of time trying to understand his life and its meaning and what his purpose truly is as an immortal.

Fantasy / Drama
Zach Beard
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Chapter 1: Immortality

Journal Entry: 3243. I have known many people who wish they could be immortal. They romanticize at the idea of witnessing the rise and fall of civilizations, the birth of nations, and the uncanny evolution of science and technologies. Some long to observe the beginnings and endings of social reformations, and changes to governments as they historically occur. And there are those, who would relish to behold and marvel at seeing how humankind will end.

But the reality is that immortality comes at the price of watching your love ones all die around you. To witness endless human suffering and turmoil on a scale beyond imagining and to never know the peace of passing on. I know, for I was born 3,675 years ago, and I am still alive.

My father died a very long time ago, yet I still dearly miss him. All my friends, that I cared for and still remember, no longer exist, and all that I have ever held dear, have vanished down the corridors of time, like mist disappearing into the winds.

I have seen destructive wars that have claimed the lives of millions and diseases that have devastated entire societies. I have cried endless tears for the plight of humanity and prayed that even my own life would be taken. Yet somehow, I still live on within the fringes of existence, travelling the earth alone, oftentimes, living as a vagabond, sleeping in fields, alleys or abandoned buildings. I roam aimlessly going to and fro with no particular destination and have lost my mind a million times over. For all of my gifts and powers, I find my life to be infinitely worthless.

And now standing upon the precipice of a great cliff towering hundreds of feet over the coastal shores of a small sea-faring city, I walk closer to the edge, preparing to step over its side in hopes that I will hurtle to my death and destruction. I do not believe the fall will end my life, for I have tried worst in the past, but at least my broken body will lay in ruin for weeks if not found, and my mind will fall into the deep abyss of unconsciousness until my limbs and organs have healed. And who knows, maybe this time will be the last.

I closed my eyes, as I raised my right foot, lifting it over the steep edge, while drawing in a deep breath as I prepared to make the long descent. And just at that moment, she appeared to me.

“Hello John.” The lady said softly. Her words sounded like an autumn breeze brushing against my ears.

I opened my eyes and stood still as I looked upon a being more dazzling than anything that I have ever seen in my entire long life. She hovered in midair, drifting lightly upon the currents of the wind and illuminated a light that seemed to immanent from within her.

“I…know… you!?” I responded, clearly shaken with surprise by her profound presence.

"Yes." She replied.

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