The Irish Fire [House of Arcane #1]

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On the night of Halloween party, Alice went to the party for the first time in her life when she was out of her parental controls. When she meets the beautiful stranger, Connor O'Sullivan, at that party, she just only knew of the world that existed beyond the Mortal realm. Can she escape her destiny or must she sacrifice everything she ever loved to stay alive? Connor O'Sullivan was one of the most powerful creatures of the founding family of Ireland. But, he was forced to find his mate when he had everything in his life just perfect they were. After meeting Alice, he thinks twice about having the life that he knows or escape with her to the world unknown. Can he make the right choice or will there be a consequence that he has to pay? A new novel by Nikki Larousse this 2019 Halloween season **Happy Halloween fellow readers!

Fantasy / Romance
Nikki Larousse
Age Rating:

Prologue: The Party

Alice Hughes’ POV

‘Come on, Alice, you’re going to be late for the party!’ Nora screamed from the front door. I don’t want to make her waiting for me as her boyfriend already here.

‘coming!’ I said as I was getting my cat ear as I went outside of my room. It was the first time for me to join the party when I did not even have been to one before. I was never big enough until I went to college where my parents no longer controlled me.

‘Wow, Alice, you looked nice today,’ James said as he looked at me. Nora was smiling happily as I was putting the car ears on my head.

‘Yeah, haha, very funny,’ I said as I looked at them before hugged James.

‘How are you doing?’ I asked him as he said he was just doing fun.

‘come on, you guys, we need to go like NOW!’ Nora said as she pushed us toward James’ car.

‘okay, sweetheart, let’s go,’ he said before he opened the door and I got on the back seat.

‘Okay, let’s go have the best party of my life,’ James said as he drove off from the porch of our apartment toward the destination of the party.

‘come on, come on, they started already,’ Nora said as she pulled James to her side. I was walking from behind as I don’t want to get any attention in this party.

‘can’t you see? Everyone was staring at you,’ Nora whispered when we entered the house.

‘Yeah, and I don’t like it,’ I whispered to her before she laughed at me.

‘well, someone might be interested in you,’ she said as she looked at someone in the corner. I don’t know who it was but he was sipping on his cup as he looked at me. The light was dim so I cannot make out the features of this person.

‘you just kidding me,’ I said as I went to take a punch. I was parched even after I felt like I just get inside the house for about 15 minutes.

‘okay, I see you around then,’ Nora said and went to disappear with her boyfriend.

‘wait, what?’ I asked as I looked around, they were already gone. great, now I’m stuck in this stupid party.

‘Mind if I join you?’ Someone asked me from behind. I turned around and he has the gorgeous eyes that I ever saw.

‘uh—’ I stuttered but I don’t know who he was.

‘i’m sorry, I shouldn’t be talking to strangers,’ I said as I wanted to get away from him as quickly as possible.

‘hey, don’t be shy. I’m not going to bite you,’ he said as he laughed at me. I don’t know what to say when he showed me that smile. My knees turned to jelly. I don’t think if I don’t hold to the table, I would be laying on the floor now.

‘no, it’s just I don’t want to—’ I said as I went out of his way when he suddenly took my wrist.

‘come with me,’ he said as he dragged me out of this dimmed, lively party. I don’t know where we’re going but suddenly we were in the cemetery. It was lit with pumpkins that were carved with spooky face and there was a puppet that looked like Jack the Pumpkin King.

‘where are we?’ I asked him as I took my wrist away from him. I rubbed at the place that he held me as I don’t know who he might be. He might be a serial killer for all I know. Now I regretted ever coming here.

‘the cemetery, as you can see,’ he looked at me before he was circling me. I don’t know what to do as I don’t want to make any mistake in this potentially dangerous situation.

‘what do you want?’ I asked him as he stopped in front of me.

‘simple, I just wanted to know you better,’ he said as he sat on the tomb. I just stood there in front of him when I don’t know what to do. I was wearing a tight black catsuit as I was forgetting my coat in James’ car.

‘who are you?’ I asked him as I was hugging myself. He chuckled before he looked at me. The moonlight just sharpens his five shadow features as his eyes were glistening in the moonlight.

‘i don’t know,’ he said as he stood from the tombstone and walked toward me. He grabbed my face and I was crept out by him.

‘relax, babe, we only just getting started,’ he said before he kissed me harshly. I don’t know what to say as I was taken back by his action.

‘Hmm,’ I moaned as I was trying to push him away. I don’t have the strength as he pushed me on the ground and I was getting crush by his weight.

‘come on, just give in already,’ he said before he kissed my neck. I was closing my eyes as I shrieked in scare. I don’t know what to do or say. I will be raped if this went on.

‘i suggest you get away from her,’ a voice interrupted us and when I saw who was it, his eyes were ruby red.

Connor O’Sullivan’s POV

‘yo, check out the new girl,’ my friend said when I heard some people were just walking inside the house.

‘damn, that girl in catsuit is so hot. I can see that she was writhing under me and—’ the conversation stopped when I cleared my throat.

‘right, sorry,’ they said before they went out of my way. I was sitting by the wall, all by myself, as I was being observant of the people that we’re oblivious to their surroundings. I sighed before I looked at that girl they were talking about.

‘well, someone might be interested in you,’ her friend said as I was smiling at the cup. I looked at her and we made eye contact.

‘you just kidding me,’ she said as she broke the eye contact and she looked away before talking some more with her friend. I chuckled and smiled when I was sipping on my beer. I don’t like to be mingling with mortals but what can I say, these mortals have forgotten about the original purpose of this celebration. The Halloween celebration.

it was common knowledge for the Celtic religion when they thought the doors between the ghost realm and the mortal realm were closed together and they can walk through realms. Monsters were roaming the night.

I sighed as I was one of the founding families of the celebration. I looked at that girl and she was with someone. She was trying to get away from him but he was persistent to get her. I gripped my cup and grunted. People that closed to me were looking at me. I cleared my throat before I got out of the house and I followed the scent of that cat girl.

I saw they were going through the cemetery. I don’t know what to say but it was so cliché when a person went to the cemetery to get laid. I grunted when I can sense my veins were popping inside my body.

control, Connor, you need to control it, my mother’s advice when I was always losing control whenever something did not go my way. I exhaled before I looked out at them. The guy was asking some questions and I don’t like what he was thinking about her. I don’t know what was this new feeling but I feel the need to protect her.

‘what do you want?’ She asked and he had the nerve to kiss her. I cannot contain my anger anymore but I cannot go in there if I don’t have my instincts in check. I inhaled and exhaled a couple of times before I saw the only thing that I don’t like. He was above her and she was writhing under him, to get out of his way.

‘damn it!’ I exclaimed when I can feel something was creeping through my skin.

let go, Connor, let me take control, Clive said as he was whining to take the shit out of that guy. I don’t know what to do. If I gave in, he would kill him.

‘no, I don’t need you now. I can handle it myself without your help,’ I whispered to myself. I think if people ever catch me, they would send me to the hospital for being mentally unstable.

okay, suit yourself, Clive said before I went to ignore him. I have to get there fast before I jumped out of my hiding.

‘i suggest you get away from her,’ I said as I looked at them. She was looking at me with those big yellow eyes under that moonlight. I don’t know what to say but I can feel that my eyes were burning. Burning with anger.

‘i said, get away from her,’ I said as I was trying to strain myself. I don’t want to show her that I was an angry person.

‘go find your slut,’ he said before he dragged her up and was about to leave before I went to stop him at his arm.

‘let. Her. Go,’ I said as I looked at him. He was about to counter me when I can sense that I must have crushed his arm.

‘Okay, okay. Jeez,’ he said before he let go and the girl was dropping to the floor. I went to assist her when that attacker was nowhere to be found.

‘are you alright?’ I asked her and when I looked deep inside her eyes, inside her soul, I now know for sure why I was protective of her.

she was my soulmate!

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