The Rightwing Queen

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I stand in front of the mirror to check myself once more before leaving for school. The dark haired girl who was standing in front of me was the same girl whose blue summery sky eyes can enchant every boy in school. A girl whom every boy wants, and the girl whom all the girls want to be, the Queen of the school.

On the other hand, I am the only person who has yet to know the truth of my family. I am the only Rightwing I know, my mother died giving birth to me and my father left me in the streets on my tenth birthday. I don’t exactly remember what happened after that, but I am here now, successful, almost happy and searching for the rest of the Rightwings. I can’t be alone; it isn’t fair.

I take a deep breath and open the door to start walking to the school, but stop before taking another step outside. I just remembered!

I run to fetch the one and only thing I have left from my mother, the one thing that keeps me sane in this world; the only thing that gives me hope.

The necklace sparkles in the daylight. Something tells me this is going to be a really different year. New students, new friends, and as usual the same old Matt who fell in love with me, harder than the other boys, but I couldn’t stay with him… my life is dangerous for him and I love him too much to ask him to stay around for more action. I hope he understood. We have been friends ever since, it is as if nothing has ever happened between us.

I half walk and half run to school, my circle-like necklace shining because of the diamonds around it and one almost bigger diamond in the middle. Why do I feel safe when I have it with me? Why can’t I set out of my home without it?

“Aurora… Wait up!” A familiar voice called out from behind me. His charming and calm voice shots out while he breaths fast through his mouth to get enough air. His blond curly hair wet from the run he had.

“Wow, Matt. You are actually out of breath aren’t you? And here I thought you were the athlete.” I tease him as I get the bottle of water from his bag and pour it on his bent head.

He looks up at me wick mock angry eyes. “You… little… devil…”

“Save your breath runner.”

He looks up at me staring at me with his blue eyes, the only difference between our eye color is that mine is light blue like the summer sky but his is a stormy night kind of blue with power, rage, and determination, for what? I still don’t know.

After a few minutes we start walking again, towards the school.

“So, how is your research going? You know… the Rightwing one. “

“Not good. The only thing I know is that there aren’t any in New York. So I need to start looking out of the city. Where do you think I should start with?”

“Well, if you ask me let’s start with Rome.”

“Rome? Really?”

“My father says there is a guy whose shop is named Rightwing in Rome. Think it’s relevant?”

“Nah! Probably by accident.”

“But we may just have to check it out.”

“You’re saying it as if we are a team.”

“Aren’t we? I mean, I helped you with the family reports of the city and as far as I’m concerned, you wouldn’t have finished it so easily, if I hadn’t helped you.”

I bit my lower lip. He is right; I did need his help, and as a friend he did a lot for me. Well, back then he was more than a friend.

“So, I heard your father was going to be our new principal.”

“Yeah, about that...” He says while rubbing the back of his neck. “Tiller has registered for this year as well. He isn’t leaving Aurora, and I think it’s because of you.”

“Or maybe it’s because of his father?” I try to make excuses for his stay. But with the look Matt shoots me, I zip my mouth. “I know what he wants… it’s just that he said he was leaving town.”

“Looks like he didn’t. What are you going to say to him this year among those harsh words you have hidden specially for him?” He leans down next to my ear. “To be honest, that’s the only reason I come to school.”

I laugh at his compliment. “This year? Something that will blow him into ashes.” Just a simple lie.

Tiller, is another student, another boy who fell in love with me in a really bad way. I don’t like him, not to mention love him, but he keeps coming back each year a new skill up his sleeve, a skill he thinking he can charm me with. Every girl in school loves him, he has good looks, he can be lovable if he wants to, but he is not my type.

We arrive at the gates of our historical, and sometimes, scary school. Behind the metal bars, I see many of my friends and schoolmates gathered around in the yard.

“What’s happening here?” I ask Matt as I open the gates and look at him from the corner of my eye.

“I have no idea!” He responds with a shocked voice. His hair is still wet because of the wetter I poured on his head. To be honest, he looks like a two-year-old, if you look closely at him.

We walk past the crowd and enter the lobby, proving that not all students are outside. The sound of kids talking about a lot of things, is one of the strangest, but calming sounds I have known.

Matt, goes to his friend to talk about the new sports teacher and I go to Charlotte, my best friend. My only best girlfriend.

She was standing in front of the bored with the name of the best students of last year and the new ones of this year. Her green cattish eyes are wide open as she looks at one of the names written in gold on the black paper.

“Charlotte? What’s wrong?” I say, putting my hand on her shoulder.

However, before she can answer me, the scream of joy comes from the crowd in front of the school doors.

I turn around to see what is happening and there he is. My arrogant, selfish, foolish, but good looking nightmare. I step out of the way to give him space to move past me, but I knew he had no intention to do such a thing.

“Look at my good luck! Miss Rightwing, I have been counting the days to see you again.” He takes my right hand and lowers his lips to kiss it, but I release my hand before he can get any closer. I smirk at him.

“Tiller! I thought you were leaving town, but since you’re here, let me tell you this now, I wish you never came into my life because I’ve heard that every girl has a really bad pain in the ass, and I think you’re my pain in the ass.” To be honest I hadn’t prepared anything to say to him this year. I wasn’t expecting him to still be here.

People around me start laughing and some start whispering things to make their friends laugh. And I smile to myself. Perfection even with no preparation.

“Ouch.... You’ re hurting my feelings.”

“Do you have any?” The boys behind him wince and I raise an eyebrow at them, daring them to come close.

“Taking risks are we? Where is your little bodyguard to speak your words for you?” He pretends to look into the crowd.

Laughter again, but this time it was against me.

Spin the while or you lose.

“I’m not like you. I don’t need a bunch of lost dogs fallowing me around for me to be brave.” I take a step closer to him. “And Matt is anything, but a dog.” I turn my head to look at him smiling at me with pride. “And he certainly isn’t my bodyguard. What we feel is love. Although I doubt you know what that is.” The hallway falls quit. Despite what I thought, Tiller’s face gave away no emotion.

“It’s not like you did, street girl.” He smirks at me. “At lease I didn’t lose both my parents.” I clench my fist. Stay calm… everyone knows all these things about you.

“You see, Tiller, I’m tired of you fallowing me around and you know what? I’ll take care of that.” I take his hand as hard as I can and dig my nails in his wrist as I duck under his arm and spin his hand and pull it back and push him forward by my other hand which is placed on his spine. “I will say this once and only once, stay the hell away from me because the next warning will not be so friendly.”

Everyone is looking, some are taking pictures and others whispering things to their friends. The best moment to make him suffer. Something you should know about this boy: his happiness lies in his reputation which, may I add, I can simply destroy.

Head line of tomorrows school magazine: “Tiller gets beaten up by a girl. Not to mention, his dream girl.”

I let him go, the hallway clears and I take in a few deep breaths. After a few minutes, I feel a warm hand on my shoulder. I turn around to see who it is, when I spot a pair of beautiful blue eyes behind me. Staring into my soul. We look so much alike…

“Can I help you?” I force the words out as I step back, releasing myself from his grip.

“Yeah, sorry.” He says with a calm voice. His blond hair is short and in a way, charming.

“Can I help you…” I pause so he can tell me his name.

“Ryan, Ryan Rightwing, and yes, I would need some help.” He sounded so sheepish I almost didn’t notice the use of the last name.

Did he just say Rightwing? That is not possible, no way.

I stand frozen in place for a few seconds before coming back to my senses. “Nice to meet you, Ryan.”

“And you would be the queen of the school, the one who can take down anyone anywhere, Aurora Rightwing. Family finds each other, right?” He kisses the back of my hand, with a smirk on his face.

“Indeed that would be me. So how may I help a gentleman such as yourself?” I start walking and he fallows.

I need to keep myself calm around him until I find out if he really is a family member or not.

“I’m looking for the history class, so… could you please escorted me?” He offers his hand, but I politely pass with a smile.

“Sure. I’m heading there myself.” We turn left in the lobby. I can feel his curiosity. And that annoying side of me, the devil, turns to him and says in a harsh voice. “Do you want to ask me something?”

“Yeah.... so.... Mm....” He doesn’t speak for a few minutes. “Where did you learn to fight like that? No bad thoughts.”

“Not at all. I learned it after my father left me. I need to stay alive, so a really nice man thought me how to fight, I trained hard and I learned everything he taught me.” Tears gather in my eyes, but I can’t cry in front of this boy and not in front of anyone. I blink the tears away and push the thought out of my mind and smile at Ryan once more. “Anything else?”

“No, not at all.”

He had another question, I know he did. Yet he wasn’t asking so I asked the question that bothered me for so long.

“Ryan, are there any other Rightwings alive? It’s just… I’ve been looking everywhere to find someone with my blood in their veins and now that I have found you, I want to know if there are more or not, that’s all.”

He looks at me with suspicion, and then started walking again, but… he didn’t answer me. Maybe he is thinking?

“Aurora, I can’t tell you everything, not now. I can’t tell you about the bloodline, but I can tell you this… from now on you will never ever feel left out or lost, not while I’m here with you.”

“What if you go away? What if I’m left alone again, and this time I won’t have anyone to give me shelter?” My blue eyes look into his. Like a mirror… we had the exact same eyes!!

“I will never leave you. That’s a promise.” He said, and for a second I thought I saw his pupils delay.

“Promises can be easily broken, if you haven’t noticed.” I enter the room, angry he didn’t tell me the truth, but at least he didn’t lie to me. He just kept a secret from me. I mean… we’ve met for only thirty minutes, how is he supposed to trust me?

Everybody settles down as our new history teacher walks in to the class room. He looked too young to be a teacher, specially a history teacher. With his blond hair which was long enough to cover his deep light blue color eyes that you could lose yourself in. In short, he was magnificent. Almost as good as Ryan looked.


“Hello, class. My name is Liam Anderson. You can call me Liam and from now on I will be your new history teacher.” He said as he sat on the desk in front of us, scanning the room. “But for today, I would like to get to know you all, and I want to start from some kids who have a reputation for themselves in this school.” I knew it! He wants to find something, maybe his first step was getting to know the kids. “Matt Prior, Tiller Davis and finally, Aurora Rightwing.”

Matt and I hesitated for a moment to stand up, but Tiller got up from his seat as soon as his name was spoken.

“Matt, tell us a little about yourself.” Liam said as he opened the bottle of water in front of him and drank some. He was so relaxed, yet every move he makes is calculated.

“Well, I’m the captain of our football team. I live with my parents and we have an apartment on the North side of the city. I have an older sister who is living in Italy for her education.”

“Thank you, Matt. That would be all. Now, Tiller, would you tell us about yourself, please?”

“My father is one of the candidates for the new Mayor of the town.” He speaks with pride, as if he is his father!

“Well I of all people hope he isn’t selected.” I interrupted him as all the kids in class turn to look at me and even Liam’s attention was drawn to me. But I didn’t care less as I played with my pencil.

“Do you have something to say, Aurora? I’m sure the idea of the school repressive would be important to everyone.” Liam said, looking down at the file with my name on it.

“Yes, I indeed do. Now, if I may have the honor to introduce Tiller myself. In the eyes of a girl who has been running away from him for who knows how long, I call him a one-night stand, a jerk, and someone who wants the girls for his pleasure. We also need to point out the fact that his mother died when she gave birth to him. So his father is his only idol, which means if Tiller acts like this than how does his father act? Please think really good about this, and tell your family exactly what I told you. Mr. Davis is not worthy of this place in the government and neither is his son worthy of the fame that will come along with it.” I finished while taking a look at Tiller and smirking at him. Your move, Tiller.

“What’s wrong, Aurora? Scared that I will take your place in the heart of the kids?” Tiller said as he turned to face me.

“No, I am certain of my friend’s loyalty. I’m afraid of seeing you every day and surly sticking around me more than usual.” I knew where this was going. A fight was about to start and I was waiting for it since the day I met this ignorant, selfish boy.

“Well, thank you Aurora, I’m sure you pointed to some facts that Tiller wouldn’t have said himself.” Liam said and now that I think of it, I hate him for stopping my argument, no matter how charming he looks. “Would you tell us about yourself as well?”

“Why not? I originally come from Italy, I think, I spent six years there and came here. My mother died giving birth to me and my father left me in the streets. The people of New York took me in and started understanding me, well not all people. After so I started working in the Oil Grill, down the street. I now live next to Matt and his family’s apartment.” I shrug. “My story is a public one. Everyone knows it. There’s no point in hiding it.”

“Don’t forget, she is the queen of the school, the prom queen of last year, and she even won a wrestling match against Alex.” Charlotte pointed out.

Alex’s head shoots up from the crowd. “She did!” The muscular boy said, sending a thumbs up my way.

“Charlotte!” I half whispering half yell at her as I turned around to give her a murderous look.

“And how did you accomplish all of these things?” Liam said as he just noticed that his fills didn’t do any good for him when it came to me.

“Mostly, it was for the support of my friends specially Matt and Charlotte who were the first people I met when I moved to this school.” I shrug looking at Matt.

“Matt and Aurora are in a relationship, well, they were.” Somebody spoke from the end of the class.

I’m not ashamed of being loved by Matt, but I’m ashamed of not being able to show him my love. “Yes we were, but my life decided otherwise for me. For us.”

I saw Matt shrug and… the same look came back to his eyes. That look he had when I told him we couldn’t continue our relationship. It hurts me. I know he still hasn’t gotten over it, I just know he hasn’t.

“Saved by the bell.” Liam says as the bell rings and everybody exits the class.

The only people who are left are my new family member and I. As usual, I stayed to clean the class and Ryan was there to me company.

“So what you said was real? Did your father leave you in the streets?” He asks as he places his feet on his table from the previous class. “I mean, you said it to me, but I thought you were exaggerating. I thought he left you with an apartment or something.”

“Not all us Rightwings have a lovely life, Ryan.” I smile at his sad face. Trying to change the subject, I ask. “I never asked you, but do you have any siblings? I mean I don’t have any myself so I ask everyone I see. So do you?”

A feeling flashes in his eyes, hurt? But as soon as I go to point it out, it’s gone. “Well, I do but I don’t have contact with him.”

“So you have a brother and I think he is older than you?” My sixth sense was picking up.

“How did you…?” I hold up my hand. “Don’t ask.”

“Yeah he is… only two years, but still he is so.... selfish, irresponsible, and...”

“Ok, ok I get it. What is his name anyway?”

“Brian. His name is Brian. And he is such a player when it comes to girls.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Just in case I meet him.”

“I’ll make sure you don’t.” He hops down. “Done?”

“Yeah. What class do you have next?” I asked him as we walked out of the class room.

“Math. You?”

“Me too. Strange.” I turn to look at him, as I walk backwards so I can stare in to his blue eyes. Why does every boy I meet have blue eyes?

Suddenly I bump in to someone’s chest and their hand grabs my shoulders. The person leans down and whispers in my ear. “You did a big mistake, talking about my father like that today, Princess.”

“Tiller.” I say calmly as I turn around to face him and his gang who are standing behind him. I even forgot that Ryan was behind me to catch me if I fell. “Can I help you?” I ask innocently.

He takes my wrist in his hand and squeezed it so hard, it started to hurt. “Stop it Tiller, you’re hurting me.” I try to take my wrist back, yet it was no use. I only made his hold on me worst. Ryan who saw me struggle wanted to come and save me but Tiller’s friends stop him from getting closer to me. And for one second, I swear I saw his black eyes flash yellow.

“Let me go.” I warned him, but he got closer and closer to me when suddenly a hand stops him by pushing him back by shoulder to the lockers.

“I think she was clear, let her go.” Ryan stood in front of me as I looked back at Tiller’s friends who are now laying on the ground. Did he just do that?

“Who are you supposed to be in her life? Her new bodyguard?” Tiller said in return as if he was challenging Ryan. Am I truly such an interesting subject?

“Actually, I am.” Ryan answered with a smirk on his face. He moves in front of my view. “For as long as people like you are around her, I’ll protect her.”

Tiller growls, and heads to the gym for his class. That won’t be the last time he will do that, and I know that from experience.

“Are you ok? Did he hurt you?” He starts throwing questions at me.

“I’m fine. Come on we are going to be late for our class.” I dragged him down the hall. “How did you get past his friends?” I ask a little too serious. I look at him from the corner of my eye.

“I’m a really good boxer.” Lier!

“Really?” I raise an eyebrow.

“Why don’t you believe me?” He looks at me with poppy dog eyes.

“Because you don’t tell me anything. Not about our family and neither about the city you came from or why you are here. So why should I trust you?” I turn to him, a sarcastic smile on my face.

“Because I’m the only person who is left for you.”

“You’re right, you are. But it doesn’t mean I can’t leave without you, I’ve done so up until now, I’ll manage.”

The principal starts talking from his office, interrupting the very first serious talk we have ever had. “Attention, all students! Tomorrow, we will be having an exam to test all your majors for the future classes. Please study hard and… good day.”

“Great.” I grumble, walking to my class.

“Hey, can you give me your history notebook?” He suddenly asks.

“Why?” I never thought of him as a bad student.

“I’m new so I do need a notebook to know how the teacher wants to give the exams.”

“I’ll give it to you, but for now let’s get going we are going to be late.”

The rest of the time passes quickly and as I promised, I gave him my notebook and got his address to go get it in the evening. I need to learn more about him, but for now being friends is the first mission. It’s not like I won’t survive without him!

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