The Rightwing Queen

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My brother is going to die when I get my hands on him. As soon as I make sure Aurora is out of sight, I storm into the mansion and start yelling at Brian.

“What the hell were you thinking? I warned you to stay away from her until I told her she was our sister.”

“It’s not my fault I’m such a charm; even to my own sister.” He laid back in his chair, taking a sip of his drink. Aurora’s cent was still in here. I shake my head.

“Brian, do you want me to tell her who she is or not?”

“Yes, because it’s killing me to know that my own blood doesn’t know who she truly is.” But then, that evil smile of his comes back. “On the other hand… we could just come back later. I mean, my birthday is one week away and if she isn’t crowned as queen then that means I’m the next hair to the throne.”

“We talked about this, she has lost everything the least we could do for her is to give her the birth right… we owe her.” I move in front of him. “she left because of you and I.” I would rather die than to let you rule the kingdom with that demon still inside of you.”

“I know. I know. But I want to have her back.” He looks down into his drink. “And I want this creature out of me, Ryan.”

“I want her back too.” I place my hand on his shoulder. “And I want you to go back to normal.”

I head upstairs to go out for hunting; I don’t remember the last time I fed.

I am not like Brian I survive with animal blood, but Brian uses human blood, mostly girls. Yet he doesn’t kill. He has control over the hunger but I don’t, if I get human blood I go crazy.

I head downstairs when I see Brian holding a picture of a baby girl with a pink silk dress. “She used to be so peaceful. She loved me and I loved her back.” His voice was dry.

“I know Brian… I love her too.” And with those words, I leave the mansion.

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