The Rightwing Queen

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By the time I get back to my house it was dark, and unlike every day the streets are empty. It looks like a ghost town at night time here!

“Hey, Aurora!” A voice says from behind me. I feel a scream rising, but I kept it low. I turn around to see Liam behind my car.

“Liam.” I sigh with relief. My heartbeat going back to normal. “What are you doing here?”

“I live in the apartment across from you.” He points at an old apartment behind him. “And when I saw your car, I wanted to see if everything was ok or not. I mean… it’s a little late don’t you think?” He raised a charming eyebrow.

“Yeah it is.” I scratch the back of my neck. “I was actually at Ryan’s. He barrowed my notebook and I went to get it back.”

“Oh. Good to know.” He smiles, leaning on the car looking at me from the other side of my small white Kia Soul.

“I’m sorry Liam.” I say sincerely, locking the car.

“For what?” He asks confused.

I bit my lip. Suddenly finding the ground interesting. “Talking about Tiller’s dad in your class. I mean… it was the first day of school and I started talking about the soon to be new mayor of the city like that.”

“It’s ok. I like a girl who can take care of herself while protecting other people’s rights.” He winked at me. His eyes shining under the moon light.

“Thank you.” I smiled. For the first time in a while I felt the weight of the burden on my shoulders lessen a little. I take a look at my watch, it’s getting late. I should go. “Would you like to come inside?” I offer. Not really minding if he came inside.

“Thanks, but no. I’m going for a walk. See you tomorrow for the exam?”

“So late at night?”

“What can I say?” He shrugs. “I love the moon.”

“Till tomorrow, my history teacher.”

He groans in announce. “Please, don’t call me that. It makes me feel old.”

“Fine. See you tomorrow, Liam.” I laugh as we walk our different ways. I hear a low ‘Bye’ as he walks down the empty street.

As I walk through my little garden, I can smell the flowers Matt and I planted there. He was the first one to help me with a finding job and a home to live in. Truth be told, I lived with him and his family for some time. Until, I got some money to rent a home and some cloths, including repaying his family for taking care of me. After some time, I gathered my money to buy the house I had rented, but the owner of the house suddenly died and since he had no one to take his place the house was mine to keep. I’m really sad about what happened to him even though the house was mine. With every blessing comes a cur…

So, Matt and I started fixing the place together and so, here we are, next to my beautiful house.

I close the door, I trying to turn on the lights, but they don’t turn on, luckily, I had some candles lightened up before going to see Ryan. And by some, I mean the hole place.

I place my purse on the table and then… I hear it. The sound of something touching the ground and breaking.

A wave of fear goes through my body before remembering: I’m ready for everything. Always have been, always will.

I place my hand behind the closet and try to find the gun Matt’s father gave me. Yes, a gun. He gave it to me and thought me how to use it, for situations like this.

As soon as my figures feels the cold metal under my skin, I grabbed the gun, aimed it and started walking towards the intruder as did the mysterious person.

As I spine around the corner, I saw a man wearing nothing but black, a hood was covering his face. He had daggers and knives on him, that were attached to him by the leather ropes on his suit. Four small daggers on his right foot, one knife on his left hand and as I’m guessing three more in the pockets that are attached to his belt.

He has a gun aimed at me, like me. He scans me up and down, like me. Yet he lowered his weapon and places it in a back pocket while I am still aiming at him.

He takes the hood off and reveals a young boy, perhaps two years older than me. His short white hair in front of his silver eyes that somehow have gold lines inside them. God, he is gorgeous. And when I think that, something in my mind sparks; as if I know him, but the vision is still blurry. I remember his eyes in my mind, but I don’t see him, the complete him. Only his eyes and they promise safety. I lower my gun really slowly, for reasons I have yet to know.

He kneels down on one knee and lowers his head to his chest as he places a hand on his heart. I look at him in confusion.

Wait… Is he bowing?

“My Queen, it is time to return to your kingdom. Your people need you and so does your family.” His melodic voice says. Such a beautiful voice.

Wait, wait, wait… Queen? Where did that come from? “What?” I ask confused when I hear another familiar voice.

“She doesn’t remember, Ace.” Ryan. I wanted to turn around to see him, to confront him, but those silver eyes kept me in place.

“What do you mean, she doesn’t remember?” The boy, Ace says, tracing the outline of my jaw with the back of his hand.

“She has forgotten everything.” Ryan explains from behind me.

“Why haven’t you told her? Your father is dyeing, and his last wish is to see his daughter once more. Your mother is losing control over the kingdom and needs her first hair to the throne. It’s time.” He never shouted, he didn’t raise his voice, he only looked into my eyes, as if holding me captive.

“Ok, I will tell her.” Ryan sighs. “But you have to leave.”

And so suddenly, Ace vanishes into thin air. And with his leave, I fall to the ground, my feet giving up under me. I tried to organize what happened today, but I felt darkness take over my vision.

I leaned on the wall closest to me for support. My breathing had become faster, my heartbeat too fast for a normal person. “Ryan…” I called out, wanting him by my side. The last thing I saw were his concerned blue eyes that now shined more than ever along with two little fangs that had come out of his mouth. And for the first time in the last few years, I was really scared.

When the darkness was actually too much for me, when I couldn’t see those bright blue eyes, when I couldn’t see Ace’s mesmerizing silver stare, I only stood in the void space, sobbing, for no one could be normal and good for me at the same time…

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