The Rightwing Queen

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I catch her before she passes out and she saw me in vampire form. So when she wakes up, I have a lot of explaining to do. But I won’t do it alone.

There are only two rooms here, so it wasn’t hard finding her room. I place her on the white bed and covered her with the dark blue covers so she is kept warm. Her heart beat has decreased… I frown to myself. Could it be that her transformation is starting?

I come out of her room and close the door slowly and quietly behind me. I take out my phone and start looking for Brian’s number. I press the CALL button and after three seconds he picks up.

“Yes?” His voice speaks with annoyance, which means he’s drinking from someone and I have rudely interrupted him. The sound of music from the other side confirms that he’s in the club.

“It’s time we tell her.” I say, leaning against the wall. Keeping my ears sharp for her heartbeat.

“About time.” The sound of music disappears. “What’s on your mind little brother?”

“Just get to her house, I’ll tell you what happened.” I sigh with frustration.

“On it.” He answers.

I hang up, hopping that he gets here as fast as possible. I start walking back to the leaving room when I notice shards of a vest on the floor as it’s roses are spread on the ground. I smile.

Ace must have broken it, silly boy.

How you got to be an assassin still surprises me.

I start picking up the big shards one by one, thinking about the reason the council sent him. Well he is one of the rulers, and a professional assassin. So if anybody accept Aurora, Brian, Liam or I would show up, he would end them easily without the police suspecting Aurora.

When I’m finished cleaning the mess he made, I start picking up the flowers. One after the another, I placed them in the palm of my hand. Then I looked for another vase to place them in, but found none.

As I went through the cabinets, I noticed that everything is so simple. She doesn’t deserve a life like this, she was born to live in a castle. With golden goblets and plates. With a vast garden filled with flowers, where she could have walked in and enjoyed a lovely book or tea with her family. She would have grown up to rule a kingdom, to make decisions that will change the future of both the vampire and werewolf Kingdom. Decisions that would make hybrids like herself feel safe. If I could have changed my place with her, I would have. And as her tween, I am certain Brian would have done the same.

I am drawn out of my thoughts when I hear the doorbell. I opened the door and let Brian inside.

“Want to tell me what happened?” He said as he drops himself on the red couch in front of the medium sized TV. I sit next to him on a chair across from him.

“Ace was here.” I start off.

“What? When?” He shouts, his eyes turning red.

“Listen to me ok? We don’t want you to turn into a demon here. Not now.” I tell him. “Aurora is asleep, so stay quiet.”

“What do you mean ‘Ace was here’?” He asks in a whisper this time, trying his best to push the demon consuming his body back.

“The council is growing impatient, they want her back and they sent Ace to retrieve her. Apparently he broke inside the house and when Aurora heard him break a vase she got her gun and aimed it at him. Then I showed up and stopped whatever that was going to happen.”

“She has a gun?” He raises a brow, already growing arrogant over our sister’s abilities.

“You can ask her later.” I say, unaffected. If Aurora can fight the way she does, god knows what she can do with a gun!

“So what now?” He says after a few minutes of silence which I appreciated.

“We wait for her to wake up and while we are doing that, perhaps think of a way to explanation everything to her.” I say, unsure.

“Well… that won’t be hard.” He said, shrugging.

“So you say we start like: ‘Oh Aurora, you are my older sister and Brian’s twin. You are a hybrid which means you are half vampire and half werewolf. You are also the first in line to the throne and the soon to be vampire Queen. Oh by the way, your mother and father didn’t leave you, but they rescued you from a threat in the castle and gave you to a human who you knew as your father. Apparently he had another child so he left you in the streets to die because he couldn’t handle a child with powers and here we are now’?!”

“Yup, that will cover it all.” He points behind me. I slowly turned around to see Aurora standing there, tears flowing out of her eyes and down her cheeks.

No heartbeat… She’s turning…

I stand up and start walking towards her, but she moves back with every step I take towards her. “Aurora, I can explain.”

“N-no you can’t. I thought that there was s-someone who would enter my life and be n-normal. And I thought that person was you, but… you t-turned out to be someone claiming to be a vampire prince.” She is scared, a lot. No way Sherlock! “Why can’t I f-f-feel my pulse?!” She asks, too scared to comprehend anything we said. She pushes her hands into her hair and starts laughing as tears fall from her eyes. “This can’t be real, I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming for sure. I’ll wake up in my bed tomorrow morning and all of this would be a dream.”

“You’re not dreaming. Aurora, it’s reality. You are a Queen, we are your brothers and your parents are alive.” I hold her hands in mine. “You are turning back into a vampire. That’s why you don’t feel your pulse.” I look around to calm my own nerves. “You’re turning back to normal.”

On her neck, I spot a dark gem, glowing like a star. And then it hits me and Brian at the same time. “Your necklace.” We say together.

She looks up at us shocked about the subject. Her breathing starting to go back to normal, slowly. She is still scared, but it’s like she trusts us, she trusts me. She knows I won’t hurt her. That’s why she is trying to calm herself down.

“What about it?” She asks, eying us up and down. She takes a step back from us.

“Site down.” Brian gestures for her to site on the couch he was sitting on up until now. We planned this together long ago. I would calm her down and Brian would tell her the story. End of crisis.

She moves to the couch and sites down as I go and bring her some water. I hand it to her and signal Brian to call Ace. If we are going to tell her everything from the beginning, we have to do it right.

Nodding, Brian takes out his phone and calls Ace. Brian puts the phone on speaker so that Aurora can hear their conversation too.

“Yes, Brian?” Ace’s voice is as calm as ever, it’s sometimes hard to imagine he is a royal like us. The frustration you receive as a prince is destroyable and he handles it perfectly. I always envied him for that.

“I’m going to kill you, Ace. You ruined our plans so now you are going to fix your mistake.” Brian sings out.

“So you have been told. What can I do for the Queen?”

“Get here as fast as possible. We are going to tell her everything and I think you need to explain yourself.”

“On it.”

With those words the doorbell suddenly rang. It couldn’t have been Ace. No vampire is that fast. Aurora stops me from opening the door.

“It’s Liam. He wants to talk to me.” She said with her shaky voice.

“Why is he here?” I frown looking at the door.

“Well, he does live in the apartment across from me, he is my history teacher who I can call a friend, and it has been three hours since the lights have been out. Anyone would be worried.” She pushes past me and moves for the door, as her long black hair dances behind her.

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