The Rightwing Queen

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I take a deep breath and smile before opening the door. I was right it is Liam, and he looks like he’s really nervous. “What are you doing here Liam?” I smile.

“Ok, um… so this is going to be really weird but... I heard crying and then your lights have been out since you arrived and… on the other hand I heard something breaking when you went into the house. I know that we only met today and I am your teacher and all… but...”

“I’m fine Liam. Thank you for worrying about me.” I lean towards him. “But it’s my turn. Why are you up at this hour? It’s two in the morning.”

“I have my reasons.” I frown at that answer when I hear a car stopping. I look behind Liam to see a black sports car stop at my driveway as the one and only Ace comes out of it.

“Hey, Ace. Your late.” I say a little louder this time so he can hear me. And then I remember: He’s a vampire dummy! He turns around frowning, but when he sees Liam looking, he puts on a sheepish smile and starts walking toward us.

“Sorry Aurora; I got caught up in some family business.” He is a really good actor. I never noticed how melodic his voice was until now. It seemed to be like his eyes… Magnetic!

“The boys are inside. You can join them and I’ll be there in a second.” I say, looking everywhere but his eyes.

“If you say so.” He walks past me and for one second we make eye contact as he looks at me with awe and I… I look at him with curiosity.

After assuring Liam nothing is wrong, I head to the living room and sit on my former spot on the couch. I look at the three boys and notice they look completely different. How can Brian and Ryan be brothers?

“So before telling me the story, introduce yourselves. And I mean your vampire selves.” I say. I lean back in my seat.

“I’ll go first then.” Ace speak up as he claps his hands together. “My name is Ace Rightwing. I was born two years before you and Brian. Your mother, as the queen of vampires, crowned my father king to one of the parts of the kingdom so he could help her. And now I am the prince of my land. I was sent by the elder council to retrieve you, the next hair to the throne, for your coronation.”

“How old exactly are you?” I eye him up and down.

“150. Which means you are 148. And so is Brian. But Ryan is 146. So you are the oldest between them.” He says, doing the calculations in his head.

“Wait I thought Brian and I were twins.” God! My head hurts…

“You are three minutes older.” He says simply.

“Oh.” I look at Brian. How hard was it for him to grow up without his sister?

“My turn,” This time Brian speaks for the first time. “I’m Brian Rightwing, your twin brother. As Ace already told you, I’m second in line to the throne.” He suddenly stops and takes a deep breath. “I’m not good at doing this, Aurora… You see when our mother gave you away we were both nine years old. I begged her to let me come with you… but she said that if I joined you on the journey you would be in danger. Practically I’m twenty in the human world. There is a bond between twins, for short, I can read your mind, I can make you do things even if you hate doing it, but is for your own good.” He looks at me with mischievous eyes. “And vice versa.”

“So, you are my three minutes’ younger brother.” I say, pausing between each word.

Ryan clears his throat and starts next “I would be Ryan Rightwing, one year younger than you. I always looked up to you, but when the time came for your leave, I lost all hope of survival. After some time, a witch came to the realm and told Brian and I, we will find you one day. And here we are.”

I only nod. Then I realize it’s my turn to introduce myself. “Umm… I’m Aurora Rightwing, 18 and a half, in a few days it will be my 19th birthday.” I scratch the back of my neck. “I was left alone in the streets when I was ten, and I started leaving with a boy called Roy. He helped me for six years, then he died in an accident. After his death, I walked in the city stealing from shops and people’s bags. It was my life.” I shrug. I laughed at myself… a rogue queen! “I was a thief. Until Matt’s father caught me one night, he is a police, and that night was his shift on the ground I had shelter in. He took me to his home and I met Matt. I lived with them for 2 years. They bought me everything, they took care of me. They gave me the gun; I was about to shoot Ace with. Then I started renting this house, after six months the owner died and no one came after the house so I fixed everything, saved money to go to school and met Tiller. Who Ryan has met.”

“Who is this Tiller?” Brian asks.

“A jerk, the son of the new mayor of the city and a boy who has a crush on me and will stop at nothing to get me in his room alone.” I hear Brian growl along with Ryan. And I stop myself from laughing. “Moving on, my fights with Tiller made me the most popular girl in school. But… being popular doesn’t mean being rich or having a lovely life.” Not for me. “Life went on like this until I had a trespasser called Ace in my house and found out that the two most handsome boys in the world are my brothers.” I feel a tear escape my eyes, but I clean it with my thumb. “It’s just too much…”

“And to think you were going to live in a castle, field with joy and no harm coming towards you.” Ace said as he put his hand on my back and forms circles on it to calm me down. I rest my head on his shoulder and take deep breaths to keep the tears inside. All the pain, all the lost. It’s killing me.

“We need to form the ritual so we can take you back tomorrow morning.” Ryan says. Checking his phone.

“What’s the ritual?” An ask as I sit back up.

“You need to drink a royal’s blood to let your vampire free. Along that you will also see the life of the person who gives you blood.” Brian answers looking through the cabinets of the kitchen. “Don’t you have any whiskey?”

“One, I’m under age. And two, I don’t drink even if I could.” I role my eyes.

“Believe me sis, when your vampire is out the only thing that helps is the whiskey. Other than blood, that is.” He moves his head left to right.

“Whose blood should I drink?” I ask out of the blue.

“It shouldn’t be your own family. That’s why Ace is here.” Ryan says.

“But he’s a Rightwing!”

“Yes, but not from your direct family. So, you can drink his blood.”

“Let’s do it.” I say shrugging.

“You sure?” Great! now Ace is concerned.

“I want to meet my parents before their deaths. So yeah I’m sure I want to do this now and get going as soon as possible.” If my parents are alive… I want to see them.

They all exchange looks and then nod at Ace. Brian and Ryan leave the room as if they don’t want to see the ritual happening. Fear rises in my body as Ace sits in front of me and takes out the dagger he had in one of his bags.

“Will it hurt?” I manage to say.

“Hmm?” He looks up into my eyes. “Oh, you mean this?” He holds the dagger out so I can take a better look at it. A silver dagger with his name craved into it.

I only nod.

“No, it’s for me. I’ll cut your hand a little old fashion.”

“You mean you’ll bite my hand?” I hold my hand to my chest tighter.

“Don’t worry it will hurt less than the dagger.” His silver eyes look into my blue ones “I promise.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“When a vampire bites someone, the pain the person feels depends on the vampire’s feelings. Like if I’m angry it will hurt, a lot. But if I’m happy or know what I’m doing, it will only bring pleasure. It will feel like a petal on your skin.”

“I really hope you’re not angry right now.”

“When I’m with you, there is no reason for me being angry.”

I only smile at his words. He gives me the dagger and tells me to cut his palm and bring an empty cup. I go to the kitchen and bring a small cup. I sit down and cut his hand. He doesn’t even flinch. As I do that he pours some of it into the cup. I stretch my hand as well.

His eyes turn gold, and the silver color of his eyes fades away. Two sharp teeth come between the others.

I don’t move as he brings his mouth closer to my palm. His breath brushes against my skin and I feel a shiver run down my spine. “You know; you’ve done this before with my father.” He says before digging his fangs in my hand. The confusion was obvious on my face but the pleasure was much more consuming.

He was right, I didn’t even fell it. When I notice him drinking my blood I take a deep breath and drink his as well. Everything around me spins and I’m taken to another world.

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