Are You Strong Enough? (Kristfell Online)

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*This Story isn't focusing on their romance RIGHT NOW but will when the story line takes off* 4 students having their first day of senior year! Thats supposed to go well right? I think so.but no. They accidentaly stumbled upon a glitch in an old game that their teacher showed them, the glitch should've not been messed with but, they were just curious! Luckily nothing too bad happened right? they just GOT TELEPORTED TO ANOTHER UNIVERSE WHICH IS PROBABLY THE GAME. then yes. Its was bad. Start- 9/4/2020 (in wattpad) End-???????? This is an LGBTQ+ story if you don't like it leave, dont hurt peoples feelings.

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Alexandria Castle

- Senior

- 19

- is lesbian

She's supposed to look like this

Cameron Blaze

- also a senior

- 18

- she is bisexual

Kristfell Online

Is a game where you are spawned in a

Gorgeous world in which they have all types of animals for you to have as a pet, the pets have ranks too.

Common : small birds, cats, dogs pigs etc.

Rare : small cats, crocodiles hippos, rhinos etc.

VIP : golden eagle, big cats, killer whale, sharks etc.

You are randomly given an animal from the game. If your lucky you will get VIP or rare if not, good luck. The community has their eye one you. Though the animal you get will show when you reach level 18.

The commons usually get bullied alot By the rares, the VIP dont really care.

NPC's of the game and other animals and their ranking will introduced later on.

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