The Warmth of the Hearth

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Agni, Llyr, Terra, and Zephyr. In the dominion of Ezicion, the ability to control manna represents where you stand in society. The wall between the powerless and the powerful continues to thicken, as the study of magic reaches new heights. Luke of house Laisren is a young mage striving to study all he can about the nature of manna, with the hope that he will one day understand what makes him different. As his normal life in The Academy begins to take a turn, he discovers secrets that will disrupt the balance of all of the Summer Domain. Together with his fellow Academy mages, Elizabeth and Carson, they uncover the truth in a series of unexpected friendship, treachery, and hope that will change their lives, for better or for worse.

Fantasy / Action
R.D. Arlove
5.0 4 reviews
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“What have you done?” She mutters, trying her best to keep herself upright.

He makes his way through the debris, flames swirling around his skin. He knew what was coming, and he knew it was too late. “What should’ve been done a long time ago.”

It was at that moment, amidst the roaring of the flames threatening to engulf her, that she knew she had lost him. Her friend, the one she had most believed in since the beginning, was nowhere to be found.

In a desperate attempt to save him, she grits her teeth as she pulls herself together. It’s painful. Adrenaline surges through her as she gathers whatever manna she has left. The ground shakes furiously, causing cracks to appear all over the ballroom floor. Water seeps through, heeding her call as she prepares for one last scuffle.

“This isn’t you, Carson!” Her eyes glow a gentle blue, waves swirling all around her, waiting for her signal to strike.

“You never knew me.” His eyes answer hers, a crimson glow as fierce as the searing fire. His flames dance impatiently, begging to be let loose.

A pause, the air is still. With smoke all around, they spring into action. Llyr and Agni clash to create an explosion of blue and red, a dance that both were determined to win.

A misstep, her knees lose their strength and before she could regain her footing, flames were already above her. With a thunderous boom, she fell into darkness.

“Goodbye, Elizabeth Fjord.” He walks away, leaving nothing but rubble in his wake.

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