The Warmth of the Hearth

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Luke Laisren

As a kid, Luke Laisren has always been interested in the study of magic. Coming from Ezicion, The Summer Domain, he grew up in a place where magic has become a way of living and those who had no ability were considered as incapable, nothing more than bugs. These people were referred to as “The Feeble”, ones that are not able to even defend themselves and were thus often sold to become slaves.

However, being able to do magic is not all that it takes to be recognized in society. Ezicion follows a hierarchy of social standing based on what family a person is born into. The Slum-Dwellers, where most of the Feebles belong, the Nobles, and the Royalties, the ones who run things in Ezicion. Stupid, Luke thought. Although the house of Laisren belongs to the Nobles, they belong to the bottom half of the spectrum, and are susceptible to discrimination from the upper families.

Luke continues to read about the different elements of manna. In the world of mages, the nature of an individual’s manna is decided the moment they are born. They are then enrolled in the Academy, a school for mages where they hone their ability to control their element. The four major classification of elements are Agni, Llyr, Terra, and Zephyr. Agni, the element of the flame, revolves around the conjuration of fire and is mostly associated with domination and authority. Llyr, the element of the sea, revolves around the manipulation of water and is associated with control and grace. Terra, the element of the land, revolves around the restructuring of the earth and life on it and is usually associated with practicality and reliability. Lastly, Zephyr, the element of the skies, revolving around the manipulation of wind and is associated with accuracy and swiftness.

Domination and Authority.

These words ring in his head as his eyes continue to graze through the pages. Luke’s manna associates with Agni. However, his manna behaves in a very peculiar way. Unlike most Agni mages, Luke’s manna does not create the same destructive power it is supposed to have. Because of that, Luke’s flames are significantly weaker, and it has led to a lot of instances that he would rather forget.

“Domination, my ass.” Luke complained as he closed the book shut and sank his head onto the desk. He was done studying for the night, it was no longer good for his sanity. He decided to go to the balcony to get some fresh air. As he walked, he made his way through the countless documents and books that lie scattered on the floor. Everything else was exceptionally clean but when it comes to books, Luke had a way of working with them. He finds the mess calming, and it helps get rid of his anxiety. After a bit of maneuvering, he finally got to the balcony door. The night sky looked beautiful beyond the glass, drawing him in. He turned the knob and stepped outside where he was greeted with a caress by the cold night air. He leans on the balustrade, the stone feeling cold against his skin. He conjures a tiny dragonfly made from flames, fluttering around his fingers, and dissipating in a moment’s notice.

“How long are you planning on hiding?”

A figure steps out from the darkness in the corner of the balcony. A black-haired female, a couple of inches shorter than Luke. Her skin was pale in the moonlight, still wearing the uniforms they were asked to wear at school.

“Since when?” The woman asks Luke, a big smile on her face.

“Let’s face it Eli, you suck at hiding.” Luke retorts with a wide grin. His eyes sweep over to look behind her.

“You too, Carson.”

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