The Warmth of the Hearth

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A Visit from Two

Luke Laisren, Elizabeth Fjord, and Carson Blaise were known to be inseparable, despite coming from drastically different circumstances. Unlike Luke, Elizabeth and Carson come from the upper houses of Ezicion. The house of Fjord is comprised of the best Llyr mages Ezicion has ever produced, in charge of implementing the laws that run the entirety of the Summer Dominion. On the other hand, the house of Blaise boasts the most powerful Agni users in history, handling security and ensuring the safety of all of Ezicion. Due to the contrast of their situations, many people wonder why descendants from the most powerful houses would bother to associate themselves with a descendant of Laisren, an unremarkable one to boot.

“You look glum. Lanky Luke feeling all the stress of schoolwork?” Carson jests, tying his long white hair as he approaches Luke to join him.

“I see Eli forgot to put your leash on. Be a good doggy and stop barking.”

Carson glares at Luke, flaunting his tall and muscular structure over the small Laisren. After a moment of silence, they burst out laughing in which Elizabeth joins them in. Now, all three of them stand side by side, looking at the night life bustling in the streets of Ezicion.

“Everything looks so tiny, so insignificant.” Elizabeth murmurs.

“That’s what being up on a balcony six stories from the ground does Eli.” Luke smiles.

“Always the smartass.” Carson chuckles.

“So, to what do I owe the pleasure of getting a visit from you two?” Luke hops on the stone fence, feigning imbalance on one foot and gracefully getting himself upright.

“We’re here to discuss tomorrow.” Eli answers, hopping to join Luke on his sudden acrobatic act.

“There’s news that the three of us might be pitted against each other for the elimination test, which might become a bit of a problem.” Carson explains.

Luke performs a flip, landing splendidly with both feet on the narrow fence, inches away from a long fall. “How is that a problem? You’re not worried about little old Luke, are you?”

This gets him a concerned look from Elizabeth, looking at him with mellow eyes. She was aware of Luke’s struggles in controlling his element. Although Luke was talented with manipulating his manna, he just couldn’t bring out the same power Agni users are often capable of.

“You guys aren’t serious? A test is still a test, be it against the both of you or against someone else.” Luke attempts a smile, failing miserably. He knows more than anyone that if he is to fight against the two of them, the best mages in the Academy, he won’t stand a chance.

“It’s just a possibility, but we know how much this means to you Luke.” Eli walks towards him, her voice soft as she reached for Luke’s hand. Warm, She thought as she held his hands in an attempt to assure him that everything will be fine.

“Luke, what do you want to do?” Carson leans over, looking Luke in the eyes.

“I don’t know, cut your hair?” Luke laughs, which gets him a jab to the leg that lasted a very painful minute. “I want you to give it your all. Do otherwise and you might just break my heart.”

“Alright then, you got that Liz? No holding back.” Carson looks at Elizabeth, offering his hand to help her down the balcony fence.

Elizabeth takes his hand and dusts her trousers of, getting ready to take off with Carson. “Best of luck to you Luke. We’ll see you tomorrow first thing in the morning.”

“You too. You guys keep safe.” Luke bids the two of them farewell, watching them leap from the balcony and disappearing into the night once again. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. I’m so dead.

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