Somnus: A Lycan Fairytale I

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A lycan fairytale Inspired by the Sleeping Beauty Lykaea monarchy has ended twelve years ago and the leadership has been rotating among the packs every three years. The current leadership falls on the alpha of the west, Alpha Mater Theia Medor, but the time has come for her to pass her leadership to the northern alpha, Alpha Vulcan Ilios. This transition will be an important mark in lycan history because the leadership has finally been passed to a full circle, with the leadership starting from the north pack towards the east, south and west. When alpha Theia visits the north pack to start the first stages of leadership transition, she enters a land of absolute silence. With her being blamed for the north pack's predicament and the consequential threat to the established peace among four packs, Theia must find the source of the curse to free the North Pack from imminent death and rebuild trust and harmony among the packs. --- Disclaimer: I do not own any media used for this books

Fantasy / Romance
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The Tale of Werewolves

Once upon a time, there were only gods and humans. Luna, who was the embodiment of the moon, lived among the gods and goddesses.

This Luna, on contraire to the demure and kind goddess the humans paint her to be, was vain and selfish. She wasn't among the major-league divinities and wanted her own spotlight like a moon in the night.

When the other gods started the creation of different animals and deeming their creations as sacred companions and loyal followers, Luna decided to make her own creatures. These were the wolves.

These four-legged fur-coated creatures were her pride and joy. Every night when the moon was visible, the wolves would howl in chorus, a melody of praises for their creator, and every time Luna would greedily bask in the praises meant only for her. For a time, this was enough to satisfy her vanity.

Time passed and the humans began to recognize the greatness of the divine beings. They began to build temples, create rituals, offer sacrifices in the name of the gods. When Luna had gotten her own temple and group of followers, she was ecstatic.

She forgot about the wolves and focused on the humans. She blessed them greatly and was known to grace the infertile with the children they wish for. At first, Luna was happy to answer to her follower's pleas, which was reciprocated with praises to her beauty and greatness.

Eventually, Luna became tired of the constant pleas for help especially since everyone only praises her "good deeds" and "blissful heart", but not HER. She looked into the humans' measly hearts and realized humans only showered her with false praises in order to get blessings from her. Angered, Luna refused to help any more humans and settled for the praising howls of the wolves to appease her vain heart.

After a long time of just listening to the wolves' chorus howls, she began to miss the humans' songs and chants for her. As she watched the wolves gather to hunt under her moon, she missed the humans who gathered under the moon conducting rituals and offering sacrifices in her name. She realized she wanted both wolves' loyal devotion and human's religious traditions in honor of her.

With this desire, she created the first supernatural species of the mortal world. They were called "werewolves". These werewolves possessed both human intellect, wolf instincts and wolf senses. They are able to shift at will, very loyal to their fellow werewolves and extremely devoted to Luna.

To ensure that her followers would continue to grow, she assigned three of her greatest worshippers to be her Lunitas and be in charge of the mate pairings. These Lunitas cackle at those who thought that mate were paired because they were characteristically perfect for each other. In truth, the Lunitas usually pair mates at random, often times experimenting with pairings and generally playing around with the mate pairs.

Sometimes they worked out, sometimes they did not, but mates were the werewolves' lifetime partners, similar to a human wedded couple, save for the wolves' extremely loyal instinct.

With the werewolves growing in number and power, some of the other gods felt threatened and envious so they created their own supernaturals. These supernatural races grew left and right and different interactions led to a bloody power struggle.

The humans were at disadvantage and were forced to hide while the supernatural species tried to assert dominance over the others. The gods, after seeing this, sought to separate these races to stop the impending extinction of every living thing ever created.

The human world was purged of the supernatural and each species was given a separate world to live in. Lykaea was then created as home to the werewolves of the new age.

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