My little mate

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Chapter 10: His Girlfriend

A few days after the pack call that made me become Luna of the Star King pack Liam asked me to be his girlfriend and then asked me out on our first date together. I happily said yes but then after rooting through the bags I have, I panicked as I realised that I had nothing nice to wear so I walked through the pack house until I reached Liams office.

After finding it I awkwardly stood outside for a few minutes debating weather or not to knock so after gathering some confidence I knocked on the door and heard him say "Come in." Knowing that it was now too late to leave I entered the room and as I closed the door behind me, he looked up from his paper work and said "Emily is everything alright? Did something happen to you?"
I smiled at his protectiveness and said "Everything's alright and nothing happened, I looked through my bags before coming here and I realised that I don't have anything nice to wear for our date."
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