My little mate

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Chapter 11: First Date

Liam got some women in the pack to take me clothes shopping despite me telling him how much I hated shopping by myself let alone with other people. After three hours shopping I had an outfit for my date with Liam and some other cloths, we arrived at the pack house and after four hours of allowing the women to do my hair and makeup I was dressed and ready for my date with Liam.

Liam hadn't told me how to dress or what to expect on our date he just told me that no matter what I wore or what I looked like he would still love me. He called my name and told me to come downstairs whenever I was ready and because I was already dressed I went downstairs where I saw him waiting for me with a bouquet of blue roses which are my favourite.

We decided to watch a movie first and them we went to the gazebo behind the pack house to have some food and he walked me to the lake where we held hands and I decided to give him my first kiss, it was amazing and he seemed quite shocked but gave me a massive grin before escorting me inside as it was starting to get quite cold. The date was a huge success and I was very happy to be with Liam.

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