My little mate

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Chapter 12: Another Alpha

A few days after our amazing date something happened at first it was good that we were being given food for the pack but the fact that it was from an anonymous source made no one trust it. The food went through excessive tests and in the end it wasn't poisoned, but Liam was on high alert because he thought that whoever was giving us the food would make an appearance and as for something return so none of the pack were allowed to eat any of it.

In the end it seemed that Liams intuition was correct as two days later on the northern boarder there was the alpha of the neighbouring pack asking for me in exchange for the food. Not only was Liam ready to go on a kill streak but he had brought the food with us and he gave all the food back to the alpha and said "You cannot have what's mine, get off my pack lands immediately with the food and if you ever return then your asking for war"

The two alphas glared daggers at each other before the intrusive alpha left with the food and returned to the pack, Liam warned the pack warriors of the alpha and to be alert just in case. He didn't come back which I was thankful for as I didn't want Liam to go to war because of me.

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