My little mate

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Chapter 13: The Rouges

A week after our encounter with the alpha who wanted me rouges were being spotted all around the boarder, there seemed to be no pattern and they didn't seem as though they were going to attack at first but after two days they were in a ring around the boarder. Liam and the warriors have already moved the elderly/ children/ women who cannot fight to the pack bunker.

I was the only one not in the bunker and that was purely because I didn't want to go and because I was keeping Liam from going on a killing spree, that night was when they attacked but they didn't destroy the buildings like we thought. They came directly to the pack house where Liam was waiting for them with all the pack warriors and the fighting began, Liam knew they would try to come for me so the warriors formed a circle around the pack house.

The fight was long and brutal but in the end we came out victorious and also managed to keep two rouges alive for questioning which was probably hard for Liam as he wanted so badly to kill them as they were a threat to my safety. After the rouges were placed into cells Liam just hugged me and held me protectively in his arms, in order to get out I gave him a peck on his mouth which turned out into a make out session which was stopped because of a warrior reporting to Liam the casualties we suffered.

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