My little mate

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Chapter 14: Pack Battle

The rouges were tortured and eventually after four solid hours of torture they told Liam all their plans and their alliance with the alpha who wanted me in exchange of food. Liam let a growl of anger and held me possessively in his arms and after a few minutes he calmed down before going to his office.

I followed him to make sure he didn't do anything rash or stupid because I prefer him alive than dead, he made a lot of calls to his own alliances and they all agreed to send some warriors to help us with the threat from the alpha next door. After a few minutes of waiting the warriors from the other packs were all here because they ran in wolf form and now their ready to fight.

Alpha Alec (Alpha next door) declared the battle and everyone shifted and fought each other but as the battle progressed I noticed that rouges were also joining in but since Liam called for help we have more people and we won the battle with ease and captured Alec. After making sure everyone returned to their rightful packs and that the injured got help, Liam had some fun with Alec so Alec is no longer alive and not in one piece as Liam tore him to shreds.

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