My little mate

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Chapter 2: The Roads

After packing everything of importance and essentials which I need I decided to get into my too old, beat up and rundown car. It took four tries to get it to start but after that I was on my way, I had used the money left to me in Lauren's will to buy a tom tom so I know where I needed to go.

I decided to use the back roads because of the speed limit on the main ones and the fact that my car couldn't keep up with the high speeding traffic, the last thing I needed was to be in a crash or break down on a main road. And I felt more confident in my ability in driving on the back roads and I find myself relaxing to the radio. Of course normal people would say that the back roads are more dangerous because of the thin roads next to steep drops but to me it was scenic and beautiful.

I managed to get to the first hotel of three in an hour less than I thought and thankfully managed to get a room, this meant I had an extra hour which I used to get back on the road earlier the next day. It was raining and horrible and I was thankful there was no tar in sight so my car could grip better, although the stones and rocks where slippery and I could feel them move beneath the weight of the car.

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