My little mate

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Chapter 3: The Crash

I kept driving towards my second destination, not only was it raining but it was also night so I could hear the howls of the wolves I knew occupied the forest. I was going around a sharp corner when the thunder sounded and the lightening hit the cliff face on my left causing a rockfall in front of me.

Since my car is old, the brakes aren't working too well so instead I put as much strength into my right foot and pushed down on the accelerator which forced the car to go faster. The falling rocks narrowly missed the rear bumper of the car which made me sigh in relief. I drove down the dangerous mountainside and continued my journey to my second hotel, but as my luck would have it there happened to be a wolf standing in the road.

I was going pretty fast since it was a long straight road but since my brakes don't fully work, I had no choice but to crash into a tree to avoid hitting the wolf (Because of my love for animals I couldn't imagine myself hitting the dangerous creature). Of course this meant I had to continue through the dangerous forest alone and on foot and as I had already seen there were eyes everywhere (The wolf and other animals)

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