My little mate

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Chapter 4: The Forest

After grabbing my bags from the crash site, I ventured through the forest making sure the road stayed within sight just in case of an emergency and I needed to run for my life. Although at the thought of that I let out a loud sigh, I knew I wasn't really fit and I loathed the idea of running but if it meant I had a higher chance of survival then I would gladly do it.

I decided to take a risk and stray from the road so I turned ninety degrees to my right and walked in a straight line and told myself mentally, that if I saw a wolf or wild animal I would turn one hundred and eighty degrees either way and run back to the road. I continued through the forest but the rain and wind made me feel like an ice cube and I hoped I wouldn't die of hyperthermia anytime soon.

I stumbled through the fallen twigs and leaves and made sure I didn't trip on any tree roots. I began feeling tired and hungry and I decided to climb a tree where I collapsed in its branches due to exhaustion. I woke up two hours later to the sounds of howls and the cracking of twigs on the forest floor where I saw four wolves at the bottom of my tree.

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