My little mate

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Chapter 5: The Werewolves

I felt as though my heart stopped beating and I held my breath as I watched in amazement as they yapped at each other, talking in their own unique language that only other wolves would understand. Something happened as the wolf that was mostly black and had a white stomach attacked the fully black wolf, I held my breath and used the dim light of the mood to witness the gruesome fight directly below my tree.

A few minutes into the fight a fully white wolf made an appearance and growled at them, it must have been their leader as they immediately stopped fighting and submitted to the wolf. I had stopped breathing at this point because I knew wolves had better sense of hearing than humans and I was afraid of being caught. But what I saw next was remarkable, their forms seemed to shift slowly from dangerous wolf to a naked human.

I couldn't contain my gasp any longer and it seemed to be like a knife slicing through the air and they all looked up, I instantly clutched my poor erratically beating heart and let out a groan of pain. I was supposed to be too young to have a heart attack but here I was defying life once more, I couldn't hold onto the branch I was on any longer due to the immense pain in my chest. So absentmindedly I let go of the branch which sent me plummeting to the forest floor, I didn't even have the strength to scream but I didn't have to anyway as I was caught by one of the five (still naked) men. I ended up passing out in his arms and the last thing I remember was him saying "Hold on My little mate, I'll make sure your okay, just try to hold on a little longer for me"

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