My little mate

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Chapter 7: The Alpha

We just stared at each other in another uncomfortable silence before I nodded my head weakly at him, he gave me a wonderful smile before becoming businesslike and said "Does it hurt anywhere? What is your name and how did you get that far into the forest?"

I let out a sigh and closed my eyes for two seconds and opened them and said "My name is Emily Jameson and I don't feel any pain but my body feels heavy. I was driving and saw a wolf on the road so I decided to crash into a tree, then I grabbed what I was able to grab and followed the road but because I'm an adventurous person I strayed from the road and into the forest"

Liam listened and nodded throughout and at the end he stood up and left the room without saying anything and he came back with a doctor, after finding out that I was okay and not wounded and that I was able to walk I was given a tour of the house by Liam. At the end of the tour he took me to his office and told me he was the alpha of the pack and that the whole pack were werewolf shifters, I was quite surprised that there was a whole community of shifters but was exited to learn more about their kind.

Liam was patient and told me everything I needed to know about his kind and everything about the mate bond, he did seem uncomfortable discussing this topic with me but at the end I realised why he told me. I jumped up from my seat and pointed at him with a shaky finger and said "The only reason your telling me all this is because of the mate bond we share and I'm guessing it's the mate bond keeping me alive"

He let out a sigh and nodded in response and I took a small step back from the desk that separated us, I kept on moving back to the door until I heard a loud growl.

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