My little mate

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Chapter 8: Possessive Alpha

I froze on the spot and stared at Liam, his eyes were now brown instead of the normal blue indicating his wolf was in control. I gulped as he walked around his desk towards me and cornered me against the door, he sniffed me and said "Don't be afraid little mate, I will never harm you and even if you weren't my mate you would still be alive. I searched the place we found you last night and two miles away near the road we found a crashed and abandoned car, so tell me little mate. What or who made you crash?"

I gulped harder and looked into his eyes knowing that I had to tell him as he deserved to know. I told him about the wolf and my brakes and that it was due to my love of adventure that I wandered away from the road, as I was speaking I noticed that his eyes slowly returned to normal and he seemed calmer and more relaxed. But after I finished telling him what happened he seemed annoyed and a bit angry and said "Where did you come from before the crash and why didn't you use the main roads? Do you have a family I should contact to tell them what happened?"

I told him my hate of main roads and thew village I lived in but at the image of a family, I couldn't help but cry and shakily tell him what happened and the fact I thought I was cursed. He sighed and told me of the rouge wolves near the village I had lived in for seventeen years and that there was an attack that killed my dad and my mum died of natural causes, as for Lauren- she simply died of old age and nothing could've been done about it.

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