My little mate

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Chapter 9: Star King

After hearing Liams use of common sense to my thought process of how I could've been cursed I allowed myself to relax into his embrace, I felt him grinning into the top of my head which earned him a playful slap on his chest. After what felt like hours hugging (Which was actually like ten minutes) we broke apart and he led me outside the pack house and showed me around his territory.

He told me more about the pack as we walked and told me the packs name was the"Star King"pack. He also told me the pack name wasn't traditional in the werewolf world but he wanted to stand out and that the pack was one of the four most powerful in the world.

He told me his usual tolerance he had to rouges and humans trespassing and that I was lucky I was his mate, although the pack interrogator would've taken it easy on me considering the condition I was in and my gender.

He called for a pack meeting in which I met everyone and I was sworn in as Luna by cutting my palm, Liam and I agreed before he did the pack call to wait until I felt ready to be marked and complete the mate bond.

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