Alice & co. The wolf and the girl

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This is some original work by me, i was actually just using this app to write my book, not to submit it, or for other people to read it, but finally i thought, why not, i can get feedback and make it better. so this book is about Alice, a fifteen year old girl with a little sister who has a dark childhood, friends who have odd pasts too and a mother with very little magick who wants to rid the world of magick. Little does she know that this would kill all the magical population. How will she react when they tell her?

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Chapter 1

I woke up. My lips twitched upward,it was my birthday ! I rolled out of bed to go and get ready,I picked out my outfit: I knew Kara and Eric had planned some sort of party at the lake today evening so I put a swimsuit under my clothes and packed some evening wear in my bag.

I rushed down the stairs grinning,

"Claire! Mom,Dad! I’m up" I exclaimed.

"Morning honey, Happy Birthday!" Mom gushed "We made pancakes for breakfast!

"Hi darling, how are you feeling" my dad said, looking up from his newspaper.

"I think my head is going to explode from excitement" I said,turning to him "I mean,I’m actually getting my spirit guide today!"

"Yeah yeah,but am I allowed to invite Lucas to your party tonight?" yawned Claire,still half-asleep

"Claire ! You know very well your sister has other things to think about than whether she wants Lucas at her party or not,that’s the party planners a.k.a Kara and Eric’s job" Mom chided

I chuckled and ate my pancakes. Suddenly the letterbox chimed and Kara’s voice shrieked: Alice Tamir Brælyn Kingsley ! You get your cute butt to the café right now, or else !

Claire started laughing her face off : "I think you better go to the café Alice or I don’t know what she’ll do!"

I almost choked on my pancakes when Kara started shrieking.

"God that girl is loud !" I gagged: and impatient !

I grabbed my bag and phone and flagged a cab; reaching the café, I felt two tiny hands crushing my waist: "Aliceee ! Happy birthday !!" Kara yelled " I hope nobody told you about any of the surprises?" she said loosening her grip a bit

Still choked, I gasped " I can’t breath"

"Oh sorry" she giggled,letting me go.

I let out a huge breath,

"Anyways,no, no one told me about anything"

At that moment I heard Maximiliana (the owner of the café a.k.a Kara’s boss) bellowing: Kara, will you come here please! We need you for table 12 and 22!

"Oh fudge, I need to complete my morning shift,she quickly put her apron back on: You know, since I completed this month,if I work every two days during the summer holidays, I just might have enough money to buy us a flotar !

I watched her walk away and smiled,Kara is one of the most kind and innocent people I know; her dream is to get enough money from her job at the café to buy a flotar (a floating car) and get her license to find her biological family,of course, she loves her foster parents,but she always wanted to meet her real family; rumors were spread that they were dead,or royals, so I asked her,but since Kara was only 1 year old when something happened so we don’t know her real name or ancestors. We’re trying to research her bloodlines but for now we’ve got nothing.

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