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"Fuck!" I suddenly wake up from the loud music at the bar. The world is again spinning -- How long has it been since I left the house? Where the hell is jade? Ah fuck it, I'm too drunk to care. "BANG!" Shit what the hell was that!? Sounded like a gunshot, but Im too weak to turn my head and look, my eyes are getting blurry. I guess I drank too much, I everything is going pitch black. My whole body is going numb. How much have I drank? This is the first time Im gonna have a blackout from drinking.

Ugh! What time is it? Where am I? Why does my head hurt so bad? Weirdly enough, I don't even feel pain, I just know that it hurts. This is the weirdest hangover I have ever had. Where the hell has jade gone, he was with me the whole night until, until I heard the gunshot -- shit! Did he get shot?

I was too drunk to even check what was happening and I dont even know where I am now--other than that, why is it so dark? I can't see a thing and my body still feels numb. Did I go blind? Is there such a thing as drunk blindness? What's happening right now?

Okay henry, let's see what we can remember. So first of all my name, of course is Henry... Henry...? Ugh! My head isnt working, how can I forget my own surname? Anyways, I was dragged into a bar by my friend Jade along with his group of friends and we celebrated Jade's birthday. The last thing I remember is jade telling me not to fall asleep and the loud gunshot sound that I might have just imagined -- I don't know, I was too drunk to check if it really happened and plus, I went blackout right after.

Now, getting out of this dark place. Light! That's it, I can't believe I forgot about my phone, but where is it? I don't feel my phone in my pockets! Dad's gonna kill me when he finds out. Shit Henry, how stupid can you get? How do you even lose a phone that you just got last week?

Suddenly my eyes feels weird, it feels as if I'm looking straight into the sun on a bright sunny day -- wait, is that light? Its glowing but its too blurry, it looks far, Its probably my way out of this dark place.

I slowly head into the light -- when I get out of here I'll have to go find Jade and ask what happened last night, but what if jade is dead? What if someone shot him? I was so worried that another thought popped into my mind -- wait this seems familiar, this looks like a scene from a movie where a dead person's soul heads into the afterlife -- and thats where it hit me. What if I'm dead? A lot of questions stormed into my mind, what happened? Where am I? Is this the afterlife? But I still have so many things planned, I can't be dead, I just can't, I kept telling myself again and again.

Thoughts kept my mind busy that I unknowingly walked into the light. Im close, should I go on? I mean I dont really have a choice do I?

I keep going, until finally Im at the light, I see it, I see the outside, this isn't the afterlife, its the field behind the school. Why am I here? How did I get here? I turned around and to my surprise there was nothing but an empty wall.

Well that was weird, but well at least now I I can see. Oh right! Jade, I have to find him and make sure everything's alright.

I head home, I arrived at our front door, my mind so messed up and confused -- shit wait! My phone! How will I tell my dad about it? -- The thought suddenly popped into my mind just to later be clouded with the thiught of what's happening. I go inside the house, my dad wearing the same shirt he was wearing last week, I try to avoud him and go directly into my room, surprisingly I see a giftbox on my bed, the same as the one with my phone.

Another phone? I opened the box, did dad find out that I lost my phone? I head downstairs and tried to explain about my lost phone, my dad laughed "henry, are you okay? What lost phone are you talking about? This is the only phone I got you." He says with a cheerful voice. "Yeah, no i was just kinda confused about something, anyways thanks dad!" I replied and acted as if nothing happened.

I head into the kitchen where mom is, and again, same clothes as last week. "Henry, where have you been? Have you bought a gift for Jade's party already? Its next week, don't forget." My mom asked, again. Next week? I asked myself, but wasn't the party last night? "What day is it right now mom?" I asked confused, "it's monday june 1, why? Do you have somewhere to be?" Mom replies, "yeah, I gotta go mom" I said as I ran out the front door.

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