Teenage Devil

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Skyler is new to monster high. She thinks with her there the place will be rad. But can she not get expelled before she changes the mood.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Teenage Devil

Hi my name is Skyler, and today is my first day of monster high. But I have heard that the place is gloomy. So I’m going to make the place totally rad. I just hope I don’t get expelled before I make it awesome! I am at my locker, and I am the only one who has colorful clothes, everyone has a proper outfit. Riiiiigggg! That’s the bell I got to go. So I’m in English and everything is boring the teacher is boring, the students are boring, even the desks are boring. How am I going to survive. The teacher walks in and she says “good morning class, today....umm Skyler keep your feet off the desk.” “Sorry” I said. This school is lame if I don’t change the mood then there is no way I can stay here. So dearing gym I am going to sing and dance so everyone will be awesome. 10 minutes later, the party was awesome the teachers even danced. I guess I can say my hair at monster high will be a good one.

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