Blood & Curses

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Chapter 17: The Lovers

Victoria was spread out on her stomach in bed thumbing through the book Mama Eshe had given her. The symbols in the book fascinated her and after calming her mind to a meditative state she was able to decipher them more easily. She wanted to ask Ebele about the exact purpose of her ritual with the Ashfords because according to the book, there was nothing remotely good about it. Ebele claimed to everyone to be oblivious to any evil intent but this book said otherwise.

Closing the book and flipping over in bed, she stared at the ceiling of her dark room. Only candlelight illuminated the shadows flickering across the walls. She felt like a basic vampire in a Victorian mansion reading an ancient book of conjuring curses by light of the small flames around her.

Her door creaked open and lifting her head she saw Henry enter her room.

“How come you never just pop up like everyone else does?” she asked as she sat up on her bed, crossing her legs on the comforter.

Henry smiled as he closed the door to her room and walked towards the center. “Because, I believe in not floating around a woman’s room invisible, watching her every move. Wouldn’t you think that’s creepy?”

“You’ve got a point there. I’m getting better at sensing when one of you guys are around. I actually called out Thomas yesterday in the kitchen,” she said.

“Oh, yeah. I heard all about that. The others are getting a little worried about that to be honest,” Henry said as he sat down on her bed, picking the book up and setting it on her bedside table beside a glowing candle.

Victoria cocked her head to the side. “Why would they be worried?”

“It’s just that…the thought of having vampires being able to sense us when we don’t want to be is a little off putting for them. The whole point of being invisible is because we don’t want to be sensed. It makes them feel like they don’t have any privacy anymore,” he explained.

Victoria laughed, a twinkling sound to Henry’s ears. “They’re worried about privacy? May I remind you of what your sister did?”

Henry snickered. “That’s pretty much what I told them as well.”

“You mean, you talked to Mary about it?” Victoria asked.

“She didn’t just betray you, she betrayed me as well. As much as I love and care about my sister, what she did crossed a line. I’m a grown man and she can either respect my decisions to be with someone I care about or she doesn’t have to be a part of my life anymore,” he replied as he lifted his hand to Victoria’s face.

“But Henry—”

“And you need to learn to respect my decision. I choose you Victoria. My family will either learn to love you or to live with you. I don’t particularly care which one as long as I get to wake up every evening to your beautiful face and fall asleep every sunrise in your arms,” Henry whispered before fluttering a light kiss upon her luscious lips.

Victoria put her hands up to Henry’s face as he crawled closer towards her in the middle of the bed. Her fingers twirled through Henry’s hair as they stood on their knees, embracing each other in a tender grasp. Henry gazed into Victoria’s eyes as he pulled his mouth away from hers and tilted her chin up towards him with his thumb and forefinger.

Taking his hands he glided them softly down her sides, reaching the hem of her T-shirt and pulling it up and over her head. He smiled at the fact there was no bra to snap open and all that was there were her creamy breasts, nipples erect at his tender touch.

Victoria tugged his shirt from its tuck within the rim of his trousers, as Henry unbuttoned it from the top. She helped him shrug out of his shirt and ran her fingertips over his sculpted body. His chest rose with a sigh and fell as she traced the ridges between his pectorals and along his abs.

While it had been her decision to stay away from Henry, her heart wouldn’t let her forget about him. Here was a man professing his need for her and she wanted nothing more but to fulfill that need. If not just for him, but for herself as well.

He grabbed her hip and back, guiding her body down to rest against the plush pillows of the bed as he leaned over her. Touching her body, he gently brushed the side of her breast and trailed down to her stomach, landing a kiss on her collarbone. Goosebumps rose on her skin at the lightness of his touch and the intimacy of his act.

His mouth trailed down her neck and in between her breast as he straddled her. She arched her back towards his mouth with excitement as her body responded to the pleasure of his lips upon her bare skin. Running his hands down her breasts and sides, he sat up to pull her sweat pants from her body, his feet hitting the floor in front of the bed.

Standing there, he gazed upon her naked flesh as she writhed in anticipation of him. She had never felt so bare or vulnerable before as he watched her in the candlelight casting an amber glow about her frame.

Henry unzipped his pants, letting them drop to the ground around him. If Victoria, being the goddess that she was, allowed him to gaze upon her in such a way, then he would also expose his soul to her, letting her consume him in his raw form. Her eyes darkened as they scanned his body, lingering over his hard cock.

Reaching down to her core, Victoria touched herself tenderly as he watched her. She rubbed her finger against her clit, all the while observing his reaction. It thrilled her when he, mesmerized by her figure, began to stroke his own member, mimicking her actions.

He drew in short, rapid breaths as he leaned over her, crawling up her body as he landed

kisses along her thighs. Holding her hands down beside her hips while gently pressing his fingertips in to her skin, he lowered his mouth over her heat.

She moaned as his tongue flittered across her clit and down the sides of her lips. Arching her back towards his mouth, he pressed her hands down firmly to the bed as she tried to grab him. Henry held her legs open with his elbows as he continued to kiss her, feeling the slick juices of her spill into his mouth and invade his senses.

This time was different for him. The first time they had met they had both needed a release, to forget about the world. This time, all he wanted to do was show her how much he cared for her and that he could be whatever she needed.

He felt her body shudder as she arrived closer to her orgasm. Taking his mouth away, she groaned as the warmth left her body. Sliding closer to her while releasing her hands, he let her finally surround him with her arms. She felt his muscles ripple along his back as he positioned himself over her. Lifting her head ravenously, she captured his mouth in hers and tasted herself on him. Swirling their tongues in a dangerous dance, she opened her legs allowing him entrance to her body.

Her nails raked his back as he teased her with the tip of him at her core, savoring the wetness and warmth of her body upon his. With a jerk, she bucked upward underneath him, capturing him in a snare. Abandoning his ambitions of tenderness, he plunged deep within her as she arched her back, moaning in pleasure.

Capturing her mouth with his, he thrust deep within her, grinding his pelvis against her clit in the process. She lapped at the friction between them as he felt her muscles tense underneath him. His body was driving her close to the edge as he tried to maintain control over the orgasm building inside him.

Leaning her head back to breathe, her breath escaped her in a gasp as his body crashed against hers. The waves of ecstasy kept pushing her to and fro like a boat upon a tumultuous ocean. Henry lowered his head into the crook of her neck, feeling his hot, rapid breath upon her skin. Her grip tightened on his back as they rocked against one another, their tempo increasing with the need for their release.

Henry felt her orgasm before she let out a loud growl. Jerking underneath him, he continued to pump into her as he felt his own climax nearing. A rumble erupted from his throat as his muscles convulsed, granting him the sweet release this woman stirred within his being.

Victoria held him lovingly in her arms as he collapsed on top of her. Sitting up, he moved over to her side where he pulled down the sheets, kicking off the hot comforter, and pulled them up over their bodies. Victoria smiled as she turned on her side to face him. Gliding his hand over her cheek, he brushed her long hair back from her neck.

He couldn’t believe how strikingly beautiful she was even while she was covered in only a sheet in the dim light. As he studied her features, he smiled to himself. In all his years, he would’ve never thought he would be the one to fall in love with such a gorgeous creature.

As Victoria gazed into his eyes, she saw nothing but kindness. It made her feel as though she was the only person in the world he wanted to be with. She closed her eyes feeling utterly at peace with everything. It was enough to make her doze off into a comfortable, tranquil sleep, forgetting the hunger that consumed her.

Henry kissed her forehead as she drifted off into oblivion. Turning over to stretch his arm out, his hand brushed the bedside table knocking the book to the floor. Trying not to awaken his sleeping beauty, he threw the sheet over his body and leaned over the bed to retrieve the book from the floor. Sitting up in bed, he flipped the book over in his hands.

Opening it, he puzzled over the various symbols and pictures within its worn pages. He landed on the page of the sigil that had been drawn underneath his feet during the ritual with his family. Trying to decipher the code, the symbols slowly melded together to form words he could understand.

Looking over at Victoria’s sleeping figure, he wondered if she had seen the same thing as well. Returning his gaze to the book, he read the conjuring spell for Kalfou wondering why it was so similar to the ritual they had endured. They hadn’t been trying to conjure a demon but were trying to protect their land.

“Unless…” he whispered to himself, shutting the book.

Henry didn’t want to leave Victoria alone, not after the night they had. Setting the book back on the table, he once again snuggled under the sheet and laid down beside her. Victoria moved closer to him, resting her head on his bare chest as he wrapped his arm around her. She sighed as she settled into the crook of his arm, a perfect fit.

Letting his head sink down into the soft, feather pillows, he thought about confronting Ebele in front of the family. She needed to explain herself and what she had done to all of them. As much as he hoped Ebele was on their side, a twinge of fear struck his nerve. Perhaps, she wasn’t as doting on them as he had thought. She had grown up in a different time than them, with slavery holding her people back. While they had tried to be kind to them, they had still participated in the trade.

Trying not to jump to conclusions without approaching Ebele first, Henry relaxed under Victoria’s curves, the sweat dissipating from their bodies. Listening to her steady, rhythmic breathing, he floated off into a quiet slumber.

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