Blood & Curses

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Chapter 7: Moonlit Ride

As she browsed a 1920s jewelry collection, she glanced up from her laptop. Night was beginning to fall. She quickly shut her laptop and carried it upstairs to her room. Racing back downstairs, she passed through the kitchen and out the back door. Henry would be waiting for her by the stables and she was eager to see him. As she sprinted towards the stables, she slowed as a thought crossed her mind.

Victoria thought back to what Mary had revealed to her about her previous lover. She wondered if Mary raced out to him at the stables once before many years ago as she was doing now. It saddened her to think of losing someone so close to you, a feeling she couldn’t comprehend. She had never experienced a love like that but she wanted to, eventually.

The moonlight lit her way through the trees of the orchard. Spanish moss hung from the branches casting eerie shadows upon the dirt road in front of her. They swayed lightly in the cool breeze, the shadows dancing in their midst. She saw the old wooden stables nestled between the trees at the end of the large dirt road. Horse trails led from the stables through the orchard in different directions.

Victoria slowed to a walk as she heard the baying of horses coming from the old wooden stalls. It amazed her at how little she knew of the spirit world even after all her years stuck in between life and death. Henry was feeding oats to one of the horses. It was a Tennessee walking horse, one of the best of its kind.

Henry turned as Victoria approached, a smile spreading across his face. He had changed his shirt to a cream colored peasant shirt from an earlier period. It billowed slightly in the breeze as he walked towards her. He pulled her close to him as he cradled his arm around her slender waist. Victoria was taken by surprise at this greeting and threw her arms around his neck instinctively.

He leaned in close as he hugged her hips close to his. His eyes were illuminated by the moonlight. Her hunger deepened for blood and for pleasure. Her fangs elongated as she tried to conceal her carnal desires.

Victoria slid her hands from around Henry’s neck down to rest on his broad chest. Henry released her reluctantly. He bowed before her and took her hand in his. Lifting her hand to his lips, he kissed it softly. The warmth traveled up Victoria’s arm and made her shiver.

“My Lady,” Henry whispered. “Your steed awaits.”

“You are very gracious, my Lord,” Victoria answered, returning to a different era. Chivalry was greatly appreciated by her. It died with the new age. Fortunately for her, Henry was not from this time.

Henry led her by the hand towards the stables. He opened one of the stalls for her to enter. The horse bayed and sniffed as Henry rubbed his hand over its muzzle.

“This is Fire Flight. He was my horse when I was alive,” Henry told her.

“He’s very handsome,” Victoria mused as she touched the muscular shoulder of the creature. “How is he still here? I thought the curse only kept those who enacted it?”

“We aren’t sure how our horses ended up here with us. We can only assume that our spirits are somehow attached to them. Since we can’t move on and they are a part of us, they were cursed as well,” Henry answered with a shrug.

“So are we going riding or not?” Victoria flashed a smile at him.

Henry saddled Fire Flight as well as another horse by the name of Forged Steel.

“You can take Fire Flight. I’ll take my brother’s horse. It’s better that he’s pissed at me rather than you,” Henry said with a wink as he hopped atop Forged Steel.

Victoria sat upon the saddle of Fire Flight and stroked the horse’s mane. It had been quite sometime since she had been horseback riding but she assumed it wouldn’t be much different from her last encounter.

Henry lightly kicked the side of his horse as he tugged on the reins. They began walking their horses down the worn paths within the orchard, cruising by moonlight. It was silent along the dark paths. Fireflies could be seen all throughout the orchard creating tiny flashes of light.

“Tell me about yourself, Victoria,” Henry spoke up. “I’ve been watching you and the others since you’ve arrived and you seem to be completely unsure of yourself and your position within your family.”

“I can see you’re a very honest and open fellow,” Victoria said surprised at Henry’s directness. “I suppose that’s to be expected from someone like you. I admire your efforts to be direct. As for who I am, I’m surprised you haven’t figured that out yet. I am unsure of myself at times. This isn’t exactly the kind of life I had hoped for.”

“How did you all become this way?” Henry inquired as he ducked out of the way of a low hanging branch.

“It’s very long story.”

“I’ve got time,” Henry said with a sideways smile.

Victoria rolled her eyes. “It happened during the Plague in Europe. We were all originally from England. Our father was a Duke, so I suppose you could say that royalty runs in our veins, not that anyone remembers us. When the Plague hit, we were all confined to our home in London where we were celebrating the birthday of our cousin, James. We all fell ill.

“We were afflicted. We were all going to die. Our mother and father were already dead and had to be carried out of the house in the most horrible way. One night, a stranger came through town knocking on our doors. William answered it and we all know how noble William can be. Instead of dismissing the man, he allowed him entrance into our home. William explained to him that we were sick but the man said that he was immune to it and wanted to offer his miracle to us.

“We didn’t want to die. We took the man up on his offer and we were each given a cup to drink from. It was wine but we didn’t know he had placed his blood within the contents and that night we were all in terrible pain. When we woke up, we were this.”

“Do you regret it?” Henry asked.

“It depends on the day,” Victoria smiled weakly. “Some days are easier than others. I have my family and that counts for something but it doesn’t make up for all the other opportunities that I’ve lost.”

“Such as…?” Henry urged.

“How about you, Henry? Why don’t you tell me about yourself for a while?”

“Me? I’m boring,” Henry answered.

“I don’t think you’re that boring. I just think you want to know about everyone else without ever letting anyone in,” Victoria stated. If he could be blunt, so could she.

“You’ve got me there.”

“That’s it? Nothing more?” Victoria asked becoming slightly frustrated.

“I’ll tell you what. If you can beat me on a race to the end of this road and back to the stables, I’ll reveal a few family secrets to you,” he replied.

“You’re so going down,” Victoria stated as she whipped the reins. Fire Flight picked up speed and galloped down the road, kicking up loose dirt in his wake.

Henry was fast behind her on his steed chasing her down. Victoria had the upper hand, being a rider for centuries. It was a requirement in England to be taught the art of riding at a young age. Their horses made it to the end of the road where Victoria pulled to the side, turning her horse around and galloped back in the opposite direction. Henry followed suit, a worthy opponent in the race. She bent down low over her horse as she felt its power between her legs, the stables in sight. As they approached she pulled back on the reins and saw Henry and his steed vanish beside her to reappear already in the stable.

“That is not fair!” Victoria said, dismounting Fire Flight. “Ghostly powers were not a part of that deal.”

“I never said they weren’t,” Henry pointed out with a wide grin. He strode over to Fire Flight and took the reins from Victoria’s hand to lead him back into one of the stalls. Taking an apple from a basket he gave it to the horse to eat.

“Is that really necessary? Feeding them?” Victoria inquired as she leaned against a wooden beam by the stall.

“No, but I’m not sure if horses know that like we do. I find it relaxing to come out here to feed them and it reminds me a little of when I was alive,” he revealed.

“How did you all die?” Victoria asked. Henry sighed.

“I suppose you did win that race,” he said as he glanced down the length of her body. “To be honest, it wasn’t a natural death. When Ebele has us participate in the curse, we gave so much of ourselves to protect this land that our physical bodies just gave out. At least that would be how Ebele explains it. When we awoke after the curse was done we saw ours bodies lying cold on the floor.”

“What? The magic itself killed you?” Victoria asked, incredulously. “That’s not what I was expecting at all.”

“All magic comes with a price and that was the price we all paid. At first, we were all furious at Ebele for not warning us of the consequences but even she didn’t mean for that to happen. We left our bodies within the ritual space and the town labeled us as missing, one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of New Orleans. The strange thing is, our bodies never rotted. It’s like they’re still alive but stuck in a perpetual immortal state,” he revealed.

“I wonder if that’s why you’re so warm to touch,” Victoria mumbled.

Henry cocked his head to the side. “Warm?”

“Uh, yeah. When you have your arms around me or your hands on my body, you’re warmer than I am,” Victoria answered.

Henry stepped closer, a small, mischievous smile spreading over his face. “Like this?”
He placed a hand around the small of Victoria’s back and pressed firmly against her shirt, soaking the warmth to her skin. His other hand wrapped around the nape of her neck drawing her body and face closer to him as he peered into her eyes. Pressing his body into hers, his breath mingled in the air with her own, the warmth permeating her soul. One move and it would all be over for her. She would be putty in his hands waiting for him to mold her to his will and she wanted it fiercely.

Before he could speak, she took his mouth fiercely against her own, wrapping her arms around the back of his neck to press deeper. His tongue glided along her bottom lip before entering her mouth. She swirled her tongue around his as Henry pressed her body against the stall door. Playfully, she nipped at his bottom lip before deepening the kiss once again in a passionate embrace. His hands slid down her body to her hips where he reached around and cupped her ass in his hands before lifting her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he pressed deeper in between her thighs.

His lips trailed from her mouth down the side of her neck, making her body resonate with desire as she entwined her fingers through his hair. She felt herself becoming wet as his bulge through his riding pants pressed against her core. Victoria couldn’t believe the warmth radiating from him as he took a hand and tore open the top part of her blouse, a button flying off in the distance. His hand glided over the top of her breasts barely contained within her bra. He landed a kiss on top of one of her breasts and she threw her head back and moaned in pleasure.

Henry suddenly held her as he walked over to an empty stall full of hay. Unlatching the door, he carried her over to the fresh hay and gently laid her down atop it as he pulled off his shirt revealing his chiseled chest and abs. He got down on top of her as she pulled his face to hers for another kiss. His hands tugged at the rest of her shirt, ripping it open completely, wanting no barrier between them.

In a flash, Victoria was on top of Henry pulling her shirt off her shoulders and unlatching her bra from behind. He lifted his torso off the ground, his hand running the length of her spine as he suckled her breasts one after the other. His tongue swirled around her nipples as his hand cupped them to him. He looked into her eyes as she pulled his hair, leaning his head back. His hands were already at her waist unbuttoning her pants, a fever taking hold over both of them.

Turning the tables, he leaned her back down on the ground, pulling her pants off along with her panties. She looked like a goddess on display just for him. Undoing his own pants, he kicked them off and leaned over her flawless body as her hands glided down his chest towards his groin. He propped himself with one arm and used his other arm to pull her knee up towards his face, trailing kisses down from her knee towards her inner thigh. She moaned in pleasure as his tongue neared her sweet wetness. She lifted her hips up to his mouth anticipating his tongue.

Flicking his tongue over her clit, he watched her as she writhed underneath him. He took pleasure in knowing that she was loving the way he felt. Teasing her clit and lips, he pressed his tongue deep against her pussy. The taste of her intoxicated his senses, making him ravenous for more. It had been so long since he had pleasured a woman and he wanted to do right by her.

She grabbed his hair forcefully, as he played his tongue over her, savoring every drop of wetness she had offered. Her breath was quick and shallow as she spread her legs further apart for deeper penetration. This girl knew what she wanted and it made his cock even harder as he stroked it, waiting for her climax.

She gasped as his hand slid up her side and massaged her breast, his thumb playing with the tip of her hard nipple. She couldn’t contain herself any longer, letting out a wave of pleasure as her body shook with ecstasy. He felt her body tremble as her thighs wrapped around his head trapping him against her. Running his hands down her thighs to her hips, she released him as he climbed up her body. Her faced was flushed as she rolled on top of him. As she locked eyes with him, she licked the palm of her hand seductively before reaching down to cradle the shaft of his cock.

He moaned as she slid her hand down its length and up again. Her hands felt smooth and silky against his body as she massaged him. His breath quick as he grunted, the sensation of her hand turning him on even more. She smiled deviously as she watched him from above, knowing that she was torturing him. After she was satisfied with her antics, she straddled his body, placing her core over him. He grabbed her hips, pressing his fingers into her skin as she placed the tip of his throbbing cock inside her. All he could feel was her juice dripping down his shaft ready to swallow him whole.

“I thought ghosts couldn’t feel anything?” she teased as she eased down slowly on top of him.

“We can feel this,” he moaned as he leaned his head back. “You know exactly what you’re doing to me, my lady.”

She slid her heat around him as she let herself drop. With her hands on his chest she moved her body over him, undulating to every sound he made. He moved underneath her thrusting deeper every time she came down over him. She rocked her body back and forth as she felt his cock inside her, her walls quivering with desire. Henry couldn’t believe the surge of electricity coursing its way throughout his body as the orgasm built within him.

Victoria knew he was about to cum and she smiled at the power she held over his body. She slowed her strokes, teasing him and he moaned in agony at her technique. He growled as he switched positions, taking the lead. He held her down and shoved her legs apart as he placed his cock quickly back into her heat. With her hands held over her head in the mountain of hay, he drove himself deeper into her, furiously. She wrapped her legs around his waist as she writhed underneath his strokes, her body heat rising with every second, with each wave of pleasure wracking her body.

He moaned her name as he came inside her, his dick throbbing inside her walls as it pulsated with his release. She gasped as her own orgasm crashed throughout her being leaving her breathless. Henry laid down, his chest against hers as he let her wrists go. She held him to her as their breathing returned to normal. He pulled out, laying down in the hay beside her as the moonlight shone through the stable stall. The horses whinnied in the stalls around them as they munched on their hay.

They laid beside each other lost in their own thoughts as silence filled the room around them. Their breathing returned to normal as they soaked in the moonlight. Victoria rolled over to face Henry.

“That was really good,” she said. “It’s been awhile for me.”

“Really?” he asked. “I would’ve thought a beautiful woman like you would’ve had men all over you.”

“Not the kind I would want to be with,” she admitted with a smile. She reached down and ran a finger up his groin, his cock growing once again. “How about we take this back to my room?”

“With pleasure, my Lady.”

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