The Elementalist

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this is a story I wrote many years ago and thought I might as well post it and also @xxQUEENxALLYxx was curious so here you go yes I know it has many mistakes such as really no periods it is I guess one realllllllllly long run-on sentence

Fantasy / Adventure
Austin Watson
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It was the first of March when I woke up to get ready for school but what I thought was going to be a normal old school-day was not normal at all after I was finished getting ready and headed to the bus stop while waiting there I noticed a man looking at me the man looked around his thirties after he saw I noticed him he hid behind a bush and then the bus showed up and I got on and watched as the guy got into a car and started following the bus by than I was real worried first he watches me and now he is following me to school I wondered what it was he wanted the bus ride was really uncomfortable knowing I had a man following me we arrived at the school I got off the bus and went straight to the cafeteria hoping the guy would lose me in the large crowd of people I managed to lose him after the bell rang to go to class I went to my first class which was chemistry and today our teacher was showing us how a fire cannot burn without oxygen when he is all a candle that we had to look at and observe I was thinking about fire and all of a sudden a small flame appear on the candle the person next to me jumped when he saw the candle come to life with no apparent way it could light when my teacher look over and saw the candle lit he asked me “how do you light that without any match or lighter?” I replied “I don’t know i just looked at it and all of a sudden a flame came to life I don’t know how it happened” the teacher looked frightened, and I was happy when the bell rang for me to go to my next class which was nutrition and today we were going to the garden to plant some watermelon seeds after I planted the seeds immediately started to sprout and my teacher was looking at them bewildered I was bewildered myself because first I started a fire by just thinking about fire and now I was watching as seeds i just planted were already sprouting and already blooming flowers that turned into two small watermelons that turned into nice ripe watermelons and stopped when the watermelons were at the perfect point for picking and eating when the bell rang I saw the same man that was watching me and following me earlier, but he looked a little different in the shadows he looked like a grim reaper almost a chill went down my spine when I saw him but then when he emerged from the shadows he looked like a normal person during school I didn’t have any other magical things happen to me when I went home I went to the backyard of our two story house we lived on a family orchard but that is aside from the point well I was messing around in the backyard I noticed everywhere I walked there was a slight breeze that was around me when there wasn’t any wind except around me now I was really freaked first I lit a candle by just thinking about fire than after that I made a watermelon grow completely ripe in all of two minutes now I was creating a breeze everywhere I walked and grass as sprouting as I walked and flower are blooming wherever I stand what is next I wonder aloud and sure enough water started spraying out of the ground like miniature fountains I was looking at the water when I heard what sounded like a stick break under someone’s or something’s foot and I looked to where the sound was coming from and I saw the same man who has been following me all day by now I was just annoyed and irked at the same time this man has been following me without a care in the world that I knew he was following, so I asked why have you been following me? He replied in a raspy voice I wanted to see for myself if the prophecy was true and that the hero of mankind has been reborn into the world and it looks like it is true he has returned. in the form of yourself, these powers you possess are those of a powerful being who has been in slumber for 2 millennia, and he as awakens to yet again save humanity from a powerful demon who has arisen from the depths of hell the demon you will fight is much stronger and more powerful than the ones you have fought before remember your training from 10 millennia when you first discovered your powers over the elements fire, earth, nature and water seek out the wizard in the mountains of Ireland he will train you in the power of the elements so you can furthermore regain control over your powers before they take control of you now go before it is too late beware of the dangers that lay ahead in your path to your ultimate destiny. I was about to ask how I was supposed to get from the suburbs of Utah to the mountains of Ireland but before I could the man disappeared into thin air I walked home when I got there my parents asked me how my day was and I told them about the experiences I had that day but the strange thing was that they didn’t freak out when I told them about the newly discovered powers I had instead it was the exact opposite they told me that they have known ever since I was born that I had these powers, but they never told me in order to protect me they told me the same thing the strange man told me they said I need to seek out the wizard in the mountains of Ireland they gave me money and a bag full of essentials and a sword they told me that the sword was called Excalibur the sword of ice and was the same sword king Arthur had used they also told me that this sword was one of four swords that had the power of the elements than they told me that the sword had a twin called clarent the sword of fire and that if II found all four of the swords that together they would create aether the sword of time than they sent me off on the journey of a lifetime the first day of my journey I was walking through the forest to stay off the road when I heard a rustle in the bushes II reached for Excalibur which was on my hip in a sheath when my hand touched the hilt of the blade I felt a surge of energy the bush rustled again, so I drew the sword from its sheath just then a wolf jumped out of the bush and remember what I read in a book one wolf means there are others around the wolf attacked me but I managed to move out of the way and swing the sword which cut through the wolf’s hide like paper and the wolf almost instantly froze into a block of ice I ran after slaying the first wolf to try to get away from the other wolves as the sunset I stopped and set up camp, so I could rest and regain energy for tomorrow because I would be walking all day nothing happened well I slept I woke up bright and early the next day and ate a granola bar that I broke down camp and continued on my journey I walked alongside a river following the river upstream hoping it would lead to a bigger body of water I walked for what seem like two hours stopping now and then for a short break and some water but after the long walk i finally came to the source of the river it was a nice lake with water as clear as glass so II sat down at the water’s edge and took a break and somehow ended up falling asleep and waking in the dinner hour so i just set up camp and rested for the night I was on the second day of my journey going into my third day II was already missing my family and friends but I continued on knowing that when im done I will be able to return home going on I walked till dark without any breaks in between and continued on through the night I walked until I heard what sounded like someone or something talking in a language I didn’t recognize whatsoever I slowed down my pace and crouched down behind a bush and looked over to where the voices were coming from and saw what looked like a bird mixed with the head of a young girl and recalled the creature from Greek mythology as a fury, but they are supposed to be in the underworld what were they doing here i slowly walked past them but one of them saw me and flew towards me claws open ready to snatch me up I drew Excalibur by the time I drew the sword one of the furies had already latched they claw into my left shoulder i nearly dropped the word because of how much pain I felt in my left shoulder I swung the sword with one hand and manage to slice one of the furies in the chest and watched as it turned to dust finally I took out the last of the furies and continued on my journey hoping not to encounter anymore of the beast that i have read about only in myths and legends but I guess every myth and legend has a grain of truth in it.

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