The Elementalist

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The Journey Begins

On the first day of my journey, I was walking through the forest to stay off the road when I heard a rustle in the bushes I reached for Excalibur. Which was on my hip in a sheath when my hand touched the hilt of the blade I felt a surge of energy. The bush rustled again, so I drew the sword from its sheath just then a wolf jumped out of the bush and remember what I read in a book one wolf means there are others around. the wolf jumped at me but I managed to move out of the way and swing the sword which cut through the wolf’s hide like paper and the wolf almost instantly froze into a block of ice.

I ran after slaying the first wolf to try to get away from the other wolves as the sunset I stopped and set up camp, so I could rest and regain energy for tomorrow because I would be walking all day. I woke up bright and early the next day and ate some food. I then broke down camp and continued on my journey I walked alongside a river following it upstream hoping it would lead to a bigger body of water. I walked for what seemed like forever. stopping every now and then for a short break as well as some water. After the long walk, I finally came to the source of the river it was a nice lake with water as clear as glass so I sat down at the water’s edge.

I somehow ended up falling asleep at the edge of the water. I woke at around 6 so I just set up camp and rested for the night. I was on the second day of my journey going into my third day I was already missing my family and friends but I continued on. Knowing that when I’m done I will be able to return home. I broke down camp after a restful sleep. I then walked till sunset. without any breaks in between and continued on through the day.

I walked until I heard what sounded like someone or something talking in a language I didn’t recognize whatsoever I slowed down my pace and crouched down behind a bush. I looked over to where the voices were coming from and saw what looked like a bird mixed with the head of a young girl. I then recalled a creature from Greek mythology as a fury, but they are supposed to be in the underworld what were they doing here. I slowly walked past them but one of them saw me and flew towards me claws open ready to snatch me up.

I drew Excalibur but by the time I drew the sword one of the furies had already latched their claw into my left shoulder I nearly dropped the sword from the pain. I swung the sword with one hand and manage to catch one of the furies in the chest and watched as it turned to dust. I manage to then get the other one off of my shoulder and slew it. I was caught in the back by the third and dropped. as I hit the ground I felt strange energy as I summoned a boulder from the ground and slammed the last furry into the ground. I tried to get up but couldn’t the pain was too much. then as if it were some memory I summoned water and used it to heal my wounds.

I finally managed to get up after laying on the ground for a while. I then continued on my journey hoping not to encounter any more of the beast that I have read about only in myths and legends. I guess every myth and legend has a grain of truth in it after all.

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