Flow Avilar “My Adventure has just begun,”

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This story is about a young girl named Flow, who was a baby when her mother the Queen, rejected her and became jealous because of her strength and beauty. Her older sister Emily took care of her and raised her. But when things got out of hands, Emily turned her 4-year-old sister as a baby again and took her to the human world with no memory of her royal life. Flow grew up safely in the orphanage for 10 years. That is until everything changed. And Flow will have to experience many different changes as soon as she returns back home and has to learn how to accept how everything works. But she also has to learn how to defend herself from her evil mother, uncle, and her Oli. Her brothers and sisters, including her father are going to try and help her and protect her.

Fantasy / Scifi
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There was once a beautiful princess, she was brave, brilliant, smart, of course, and had a very kind heart. But her brother, Father, and Mother were evil. The princess was forced to marry an evil prince and soon they became King and Queen. The new king commanded his queen to bear him 2 beautiful and loving daughters in four days. On the third day, the queen became pregnant and by the fourth day that came, the queen gave birth to two cute little girls. One they named Oli and the other they named Carole. The king told his queen that they were both going to raise their children properly, but the queen couldn’t bear to stay any longer with him. So that night she escaped with only one baby in her arms. She then remarried to another young prince that was her age. He was kind, sweet, and very loving. After remarrying, the queen gave birth many more times. She gave birth to five more girls and five boys, by the time the queen had her last baby girl which was the eighth child, the queen and her firstborn daughter Oli, were ambushed, jealous, and overwhelmed by her beauty and great power. Their hearts grew dark and cold and suddenly they turned evil. They planned to kill the last newborn baby. The five brothers and five sisters that cared about their little sister grabbed her and took her down to their hiding place, which was in the castle. All five brothers, sisters, and their father all came to a discussion. They all agreed to keep Flow for at least four more years to see if their mother could change. But during those four years Emily and her their father were mainly the ones raising Flow. Until they could no longer see the light shinning through the Queen. Emily turned Flow back into a baby, and took her to the human world. Where no magic existed only those who were brought with magic. They then walked down the dark sidewalk, until they came to a building that was called the orphanage. They laid her in a basket and knocked on the door, then they disappeared leaving nothing but a note in the basket. The orphanage lady opened the door and saw Flow. The lady was named Eli. So Eli looked around but there was no one on-site. So she picked up Flow and the note that was in the basket. The note read…..

Feb 2, 2003

Dear Orphanage Lady,

We’d like you to take very good care of our little sis, she needs more than what we can welcome her with and teach her with. So could you please cite her wherever she goes.

May she be different from the rest, but she’ll grow up the way you raise her to be. May she behave well with you. We’re sorry to give you this much trouble. You see we’re just kids.

So could you please take care of our sister? Whatever you do if she asks about who brought her please don’t, but someday I know that someone will tell her. And her name is “Lily.” Oh, and before we leave, things may not always seem like what they are. Our sister will grow to be unexpected, all she knows is how old she is.

Signed Mysteries

After she was done reading the note she took Flow inside and she even took the basket inside.

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