Pulled Over.

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A bi sexual male exploring his feminine side gets in a very sticky situation whenever he is pulled over during a joy ride.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Morning.

My eyes pop open as I stretch my arms and let out a big yawn. It's little after 10am and a little ray of sunlight shoots through my darkened room. I lay there looking at the ceiling, contemplating on if I should continue to be lazy like I normally do or not, but reluctantly I spring out of bed. Looking down I remember I fell asleep wearing nothing but some small hot pink panties and sometime during the night they had rode up in my ass crack. Sort of an unpleasant way to wake up, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have been wearing panties to sleep for a few months now, and I'm in love with it. I just do it because gives me this warm naughty/good feeling throughout my body. I firat got the curiousity to put in female clothes at about the age of 16. I've never told a soul about it and no one has ever found out and Im 22 years old now so hopefully it stays that way. I'm from your average middle America town that isn't too fond of gays, or anything like that. I would definitely be labeled "a freak" or "weirdo" if anyone were to find out. As of lately I've been pushing my limits more and more just trying to get out if my feel myself out explore as much as I can about myself. Recently I've been wearing panties out in public under my shorts or jeans if I don't have many activities going on that day.. Today is one of those days. After jumping up I undress and reach in my drawer and pull out a pair of really cute light pink Victoria secret panties. I stare in the mirror as I slip my small legs into the holes and pull them over my smooth butt and do a cute soon to make sure they look good. After they look and fit good I put on a pair if Nike Gym shorts and a t-shirt to keep my secrets sealed and start my day.. I open my bedroom door and it's quiet. "My parents must be at work" I think as I brush my teeth and comb my hair. I walk outside and it's extremely hot outside, at least 100 degrees outside. I start my car and let the A/C get going as I go back inside and grab my bag of weed. "No parents, no work, and a bag of weed? It's gonna be a great day" I say to myself as I get back In my car and begin to roll a blunt. I turn in ny favorite song and light my masterpiece. Whenever I smoke weed, sometimes I get a little horny and try to have fun with it. So sitting there I come up with this wild thought of taking my shorts of and driving out into the countryside just wearing my pink panties. My stomach gets this warm fuzzy feeling and I start feeling my adrenaline pump just at the thought of it so I start my car and drive. I make my way toward the outskirts of town when I stop to slide my shorts off and ash my blunt. Something about feeling the breeze hitting your bare skin when wearing panties is just amazing! I continue my drive through the backroads getting higher and higher off my blunt until it's completely gone and I'm far out in the boondocks. Music up and Windows down I'm simply just enjoying my day off of work. I stop at another stop sign and I dare myself to get out of my car and do a cartwheel in the middle of the intersection in my panties. I sit there looking both ways to see if a car is going to come down the road and for about 30 seconds nothing... so I unbuckle and get out and jog to the middle of the intersection and hurry up with my cartwheel. At this point ny adrenaline is going thru the roof. This is the first time I have ever been outside in broad daylight in some panties! As I recover from my cartwheel I turn around and see the reflection of the sun shine off of a car heading my direction from behind me. So I turn around and Sprint into my car and in a panic I just buckle up in my panties and put it back in drive and keep going. As the car gets closer to me I begin to make out a light bar in top and a spotlight on one of the mirrors. "A cop?" I think and as it gets closer the back car is definitely picking up speed. I'm literally trembling at this point not knowing what is going to happen. So I continue to drive as carefully as I can, now im aware that I'm being followed by a county sheriff while I'm just in my panties. I make a right down another backroad, this one was gravel and I was hoping for him to continue going straight. He didn't.

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